Bobby Marks and Brian Windhorst RE-DRAFT 2017 NBA Draft 🤯 | NBA Crosscourt

Bobby Marks and Brian Windhorst re-draft the 2017 NBA Draft on NBA Crosscourt.
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  1. JoE ForD

    1. Tatum- If The 76ers didn't ask for the trade. Danny was still taking Tatum
    2. Bam or Fox
    3. Mitchell – Before trading with The Cs
    4. Bam or Fox
    5. Allen
    6. Ananouby
    7. Markkanen
    8. Collins
    9. Kuzma
    10. Ball

  2. S.A.D

    If there's a redraft the Celtics wouldn't make a trade the Sixers and would draft Tatum at 1 period!

  3. Respectfuldude3

    Markkanen gets here over Fultz and Lonzo

  4. Mike Killagreen

    Philly would have at least 2 rings if they weren't so stupid. The Lakers would have 3-4 of them. Gonzo can't Ball and Markelle Fultzwagon over Tatum and Mitchell. Smh

  5. Jon Lindgren

    So, no Markkanen in Top10? What a joke. 22,7pts avg 8,8 rebounds … This not a Top10? He clearly should be atleast Top5 in that draft.

  6. R.J.

    Just based on the prior years, I could see why no Lauri, but with his breakout and most likely All Star selection and MIP chances this season, he has the case to be the fourth best of the 2017 draft class.

  7. Memes By Joel

    1 Jayson Tatum- Boston Celtics
    This is an easy pick, at the end of the day the Celtics really did get the best player at the 3rd pick.

    2 Donovan Mitchell- Denver Nuggets (traded to Jazz, traded to Cavaliers)
    The Denver Nuggets must be kicking themselves for letting this one go. Mitchell is bordering on superstar level and no one should be unhappy picking him over Tatum.

    3 De'Aaron Fox- Sacramento Kings
    Fox is quietly forgotten despite playing at an elite level.

    4 Bam Adebayo- Miami Heat
    The Heat hit a home run with Adebayo, as his supreme defense and good passing skills for a center have helped his team reach a finals berth.

    5 Jarrett Allen- Brooklyn Nets (traded to Cavaliers)
    Allen is an all-star and is the definition of a pure center.

    6 Lauri Markkenen- Minnesota Timberwolves (traded to Bulls, signed by Cavaliers, traded to Jazz)
    Markkanen like Fox has also gotten overshadowed despite playing solidly.

    7 OG Anunoby- Toronto Raptors
    Anunoby has slowly improved himself year after year and is a testament to the genius drafting system that is Toronto.

    8 Kyle Kuzma- Brooklyn Nets (traded to Lakers, traded to Wizards)
    Remember when the Lakers were clowning Boston for taking Kuzma over Tatum? Kuzma is still a very good player and should still be on anyone's top 10.

    9 Dillon Brooks- Houston Rockets (signed by Grizzlies)
    Dillon Brooks is the best underdog story in the 2017 draft, being passed over by multiple teams and turning into a defensive specialist with a decent scoring grade. Fun fact: Brooks won Pac-12 player of the year over Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz.

    10 Derrick White- San Antonio Spurs (traded to Celtics)
    White was raised through the Poppovich system and has become the do-it-all point guard the Celtics use.


    Luke Kennard- Detroit Pistons (traded to Clippers)
    Isaiah Hartenstein- Houston Rockets (signed by Knicks)
    Monte Morris- Denver Nuggets (traded to Wizards)
    Thomas Bryant- Utah Jazz (signed by Lakers, signed by Wizards, signed by Lakers)
    Josh Hart- Utah Jazz (traded to Lakers, traded to Pelicans, traded to Trail Blazers)


    Jonathan Isaac- Orlando Magic
    Markelle Fultz- Philadelphia 76ers (traded to Magic)
    Lonzo Ball- Los Angeles Lakers (traded to Pelicans, signed by Bulls)

  8. MoneyTrainJames🤑🚝

    Q lot of team blew this draft!! Especially the Lakers (Magic Johnson)+

  9. Nate Nagle

    I agree for the most part other then Bam being ahead of Donovan Mitchell and Lauri should of made it over fultz

  10. Flying Spacerock

    No Do Overs

  11. Albert Bronson

    Josh Hart?


    Bam and a top 5 in redraft what has he done!?? He’s an average dam big that’s hyped up for whatever reason

  13. Jake Yamane

    bam over mitchell?

  14. Basketball Crazy Hoopers Inc

    Markkanen was the top 4 of this draft together with tatum,Mitchell, and adebayo

  15. Brayden Mykrantz

    OG and Bam over fox is a joke. How are these guys experts. Fox is the 3rd best player in the draft just no help around him

  16. TJ -

    Tatum, Bam, Donovan is the top 3.

  17. ScottySkilz

    the fox disrespect is real

  18. Mister Sir

    Kyle the only one with a championship 🤔. Kuzma should be 4

  19. Danang Dwiatma

    No Markkanen??? This video definitely was made before the season started

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