BetMGM | Shooting Practice (featuring Wayne Gretzky & Connor McDavid)

#ItsOn when Wayne Gretzky check’s out Connor McDavid’s shooting practice and his bets.

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  1. Dennis M

    Last thing we need is another social ill where people gamble their life savings away.

  2. Chrissie Bawn

    LOVE 🤣😁😁🇨🇦🤣🖖🇨🇦😁🤣

  3. GreviousYak

    "Shouldn't you be golphing?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Michael Anthony

    Sorry Wayne, all the respect I had for you was lost due to this commercial! Why the hell would you endorse this crap!? I thought you were all for the sport. All these betting apps and enticing people, AND young kids that see these commercials are going to wreak havoc in the coming years. Well done 👍

  5. Steven Fallon

    Been a Gretzky fan since his WHA days, and frankly this is a bit disappointing….why would The Great One even consider doing a betting app commercial of all things? Strange. 🏒

  6. Louis Lucky

    Its amazing how we give these high profile athletes all the money💰💰 & adulation 🤩one could ever ask for..& they repay society by becoming Pimps💩💩 for a Degenerate & addictive vice such as 🎲♠️♦️🃏gambling! How can they have no shame?😵

  7. Brian Driedger

    I'm disappointed that Mr. Gretzki supports this add. Does he need the money or what.

  8. AT Real DINO 666

    Top hand I'm sick of all this gayness on hockey night in Canada with Ron MacLean knock it off

  9. AT Real DINO 666

    Bet 99 big board who's better than badboy NOOOOOOOOOOOOOODY 👌 Saturday nite hockey nite in Canada

  10. AT Real DINO 666

    Momma's boy Austin Mathews34

  11. AT Real DINO 666

    Hey Wayne bet 99 is better momma's boy Austin Mathews34

  12. David Jones

    This spot cracks me up every time… What makes it great is that Gretzky's last two lines are so unlike Gretzky's demeanor. Love it!!

  13. Casey Peavoy

    Gretzky has got that Parkinson's disease look in his eyes. McDavid has got to be the worst actor of all time. This commercial is an insult to these talented hockey players.

  14. AT Real DINO 666

    HEY Wayne Gretzky you have exemption everywhere all the hockey gods great you like royalty good 4 you 👌

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