Bet On It | NFL Divisional Round Picks, Predictions and Odds | NFL Playoff Betting Previews

💰 In this week’s episode of Bet On It direct from Las Vegas: Kelly Stewart, Marco D’Angelo, Gianni the Greek and Ralph Michaels break down the NFL Division Round betting slate and preview their favorite matchups of the week. The barking dogs, sandwiches, teasers, and steam plays are back! Join Kelly, Marco, Gianni and Ralph every Wednesday for Bet On It as we discuss the NFL betting slate from a variety of handicapping angles.

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Introduction 0:00
Titans vs Bengals – 0:45
Packers vs 49ers – 07:15
NFL Playoff Trends and Angle – 16:20
Buccaneers vs Rams – 24:10
Chiefs vs Bills – 30:36
NFL Playoff Best Bets – 39:35

🤑 Tease Me! The Bet On It crew shares their top NFL teaser spots of the week.

🔨 Who are the sharps hammering? Find out with Gianni the Greek’s Steam Game of the Week.

🥪 Marco D’Angelo’s NFL “Sandwich Spot” of the week.

🐶 Time for the “Barking Dogs” segment as the panel goes over some live underdogs and find out who Ace is planning to sprinkle on the moneyline.

🏈 The Bet On It crew offers their recommendations for who you should play in NFL survivor contests.

☝️ Each and every episode of Bet On It closes out with everyone’s favorite segment: Free NFL Best Bets!

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  1. Jason Case

    The Rams have a high wall to climb to defeat the Buccaneers in the 2nd round because the Buccaneers are using Mcvay shown celebrating in the Buccaneers Rams game as motivation, and Aaron Donald did commend the goat aka Tom Brady for his NFL accomplishments except said it’s a new year.
    Usually a team doesn’t win when a player says some taunt or makes some great prediction before playing a Tom Brady team.

    The Buccaneers succeeded with revenge Vs the Chiefs in the Super Bowl which they won easily.

    That is why I won’t be surprised if the motivated by revenge Buccaneers won by more than 15 points at home , and if a great Rams team defeats the Buccaneers I don’t see it being an embarrassment instead a dramatic competitive game that the Rams because they execute more great offense plays, also the Rams defense succeeds sacking Brady more than twice , winning the turnover battle by creating turnovers.

  2. DaxieDoodles

    Gianni offered no gold in this edition ☹

  3. Remember Rhodesia

    I hear all this statistical analysis over all sizes of samples but do they really mean anything in terms of the bet you place? If there is a 78% correlation of teams with red in their colors beating teams with blue in their colors, do you bet that angle? What really makes an angle worth a bet based purely off probability or is a lot of analysis just an act of finding patterns in order to fulfill and justify a predetermined bias toward a side?

  4. Beech303

    Well Marco you take the Rams schedule and point out who they have beaten/lost . Now take Bills schedule and look who they have played to earn that #1 D# and tell me if its really earned.

  5. King Parlay

    Love this show

  6. Chip Plylar

    Marco, you think Titans gonna let smug Joe just come to our house & beat us? Sup WT..I

  7. Angelo Philippopoulos

    Remember that Tenn AJ BROWN came back after injury and torched his opponet …. Mucle memory is there.

  8. Jay H.

    The injuries on Tampa Bay are significant.

  9. xboneless

    Have to factor in weather , jimmy is -5 degree weather is ? Mark

  10. KA GE

    I hit the wong lar/buf +8.5 teaser when they were both at 2.5. Also liking rams ml that d line will be the difference. maybe some action on san fran +6.5 if it gets there as well good luck this week guys

  11. Peter P

    I'm an engineer and a computer programmer, so naturally I make use of a computer's computational power to crunch through the stats to give myself a little advantage. Imagine analyzing 60 college football games and 16 NFL games each week using only your brain power. KC's Mahomes and Hill are exciting to watch, and with two high-power offenses that went way Over last week, many people are expecting another Over this weekend. However, my calculations are showing a total hovering around 52, 53 in the last 5, 4, and 3 games, and for the whole season, the total is 4 or 5 points lower. Also, KC should be getting points, not giving points. Vegas wants you to bet the obvious, but my calculations are showing the opposite. I got Buffalo +1.5, Under 54.5.

  12. Bill Stull

    Great show again… I've learned alot. I do have a question… Do any of you ever used DVOA stats when your handicapping? ThankS…GO BILLS🤘

  13. jlover911

    JETS 2024!!!!!!!!

  14. Peter P

    TB (team and QB) is my favorite when I'm not betting, but my favorite teams are the teams I'm betting on in the next few days. With TB's OT Wirfs' status as Questionable, and Brady got sacked 4 times in their last game, Rams DT Donald (84 tackles, 12.5 sacks, 25 QB hits), Rams OLB Floyd (70 tackles, 9.5 sacks, 18 QB hits), and Rams DT Gaines (55 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 13 QB hits) will try to do the same to Brady this week, I see a Rams win here. Rams +3, Over 48.5

  15. Paul Holland

    You guys know I love it so I always look forward to hearing from you. Question if you're not too afraid to answer do you think some of these games are rigged ? all I've been hearing lately

  16. PXH

    Think about it like this….rams want revenge int their SB loss. They have a better qb to make it now. Tb12 won’t cover

  17. Joey V

    Titans over Bengals, Bengals will be back stronger next year.

    Packers win 49ers cover

    Bucs win over Rams, Stafford and Rams will go to the SB next year.

    Chiefs over Bills barely

  18. Jay Inquisitive


  19. Chip Plylar

    Titans up to this yr + Boston Bruins hardest teams to cap in sports.

  20. Chip Plylar

    VR are we on Frances + $?

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