Bet On It | College Football Week 9 Picks and Predictions, Vegas Odds, Barking Dogs and Best Bets

💰 In this week’s episode of Bet On It direct from Las Vegas: Kelly Stewart, Marco D’Angelo, Gianni the Greek and Ralph Michaels break down College Football Week 9 from a sports betting perspective, and share their personal NCAAF picks and predictions. The barking dogs, sandwiches, teasers and steam plays have returned for another season. Join Kelly, Marco, Gianni and Ralph every Wednesday for Bet On It as we break down the college football slate from a variety of betting angles.

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0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Michigan State vs Michigan Betting Preview
9:40 – Trends and Angles with Ralph Michaels
19:50 – Barking Underdogs (Notre Dame vs North Carolina / Old Dominion vs Louisiana Tech)
24:45 – Marco’s Sandwich Game (Illinois vs Rutgers)
27:30 – Gianni’s Steam Game (Coastal Carolina vs Troy)
30:30 – College Football Week 8 Best Bets

► The crew opens up the show by sharing their betting thoughts on this weekend’s marquee college football games, including Michigan State vs Michigan.

🔨 Who are the sharps hammering? Find out with Gianni the Greek’s Steam Game of the Week.

🐶 Time for the “Barking Dogs” segment as the panel goes over some live underdogs and find out who Ace is planning to sprinkle on the moneyline.

☝️ Each and every episode of Bet On It closes out with everyone’s favorite segment: Free College Football Best Bets!

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  1. Brian Gant

    That Nebraska pick though?????

  2. Jason Case

    The Panthers couldn’t finish a valiant comeback to defeat the Hurricanes.
    The Badgers played a great game to defeat a high ranked Hawkeyes team in Wisconsin.

    The Spartans had a unforgettable valiant comeback win to soul crush a Wolverines team that failed to defend a high lead.

  3. Jason Case

    I was able to win money because I bet on the Mountaineers to defeat the Cyclones which they did in a high scoring game.

    Missouri did defeat a Vanderbilt team that kept the game entertaining and close.

    I see I was mostly right about the Huskies defeating the Cardinal even if the score wasn’t right because they won 20-13.
    Morris showed Moxie because he lead the Huskies on a game winning drive, and he did throw a amazing pass in the end zone which resulted in a Huskiest touchdown.
    The Huskies intercepted a football late in the 4th.
    I’m a UW Huskies fan, and feels excellent to be a Huskies fan because they won a entertaining exciting close gamelan the road by defeating the Cardinal 20-13 in a game the Cardinal couldn’t finish h to win in the 4th.
    My 4-4 Washington Huskies remain alive to win the PAC 12 North which if they did they would play in the Pac 12 Championship game.

  4. William Zagarella

    Spot on with the La Tech ODU analysis. Honestly, thats really well done.

  5. William Zagarella

    Rutgers and Boise covering will get that percentage up. The play was not on Illinios and Colorado St lol.

  6. weebabyshakeus

    Hey Marco, tough break on that ND fade. But don’t worry, only 7 days away from you being able to bet against them again. And I’m sure you will.

  7. Jason Case

    I predict my Huskies defeat the Cardinal 31-24 in a exciting close game.
    The Huskies defense creates turnovers, the Huskies defend when needed, and the Huskies execute more successful offense plays than the Cardinal.

    The Buckeyes defeat a struggling Nittany Lions team that most likely feels exhausted after playing 9 overtimes.

  8. Jason Case

    I bet 10 bucks on Vanderbilt to beat Missouri, Iowa State vs West Virginia should be a good close game, Hawkeyes could use a valiant 2nd half comeback to defeat the Badgers, and Wolverines vs Spartans has been a exciting competitive game.

    The Panther will need to comeback in the 2nd half to defeat the Hurricanes

  9. Anthony Tubelli

    Marco is the REAL GOAT! Guy is crazy good!

  10. Abby Jackson

    Great show once again
    Here are my picks
    +3.5 north Carolina, -9.5 Pittsburgh,
    -1.5 Rutgers, -16 Missouri, +3.5 Indiana,
    -7.5 Iowa state, gl

  11. Un Seemly

    Ole Miss got more moves than Ex Lax and I expect they will get at least 18 against Auburn (sacks, not points). Nix goin DOWN like Biden's poll numbers! Fumbles/interceptions, etc., OUCH. After the game, look for Bo to enter the transfer portal. I'm guessing Austin Pee, or maybe a really good junior college in North Dakota…

  12. Trevor Hays

    I like the over in the pitt game…but Marco, the biggest win in the pitt narduzzi Era? What about in 2016 when the panthers knocked off the number 1 clemson team in the country.

  13. WoodY Littlejohn Jr.

    Kelly, Marco, Ralph, and The Greek. One day soon all this hard work will manifest and your show will be the number one watched show on YouTube. The books would never be as honest about line movement and warranted spreads. You guys, in the words of the Greek, “Are the GREAT EQUALIZER”. Stay safe team, I appreciate all of you at Wager Talk.

  14. Geda King

    Hit the like button

  15. Jason Case

    I agree don’t trust Harbaugh which Jason why I’m betting on Michigan State jg j bet on this game.
    I can’t wait to watch the Michigan Michigan State game, and other college Football games at DJs Dugout.

  16. getmoney 101

    Great work !!!

  17. John Wynn

    50+ games on the board and your best bet is NEBRASKA -7.5? My goodness, can Ralph run the numbers on the Corn laying points the last 8 years or so?

  18. joey86bu1

    Great stuff as always guys!!
    College YTD 19-5…

    (Use Closing Lines)

    Michigan State U 50.5

    Baylor U 61.5

    Florida State +9

    Southern Miss +13.5

    Oklahoma U 66.5

    Wake Forest U 71.5

    Western Kentucky U 73

    Houston U 61.5

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