Best Trick Plays of the 2021 College Football Season

A compilation of the best trick plays from the 2021 college football season. Watch all 15 minutes to see some of the craziest plays from this past season including UTEP’s fake QB sneak against Fresno State and South Dakota State snapping the ball between their QB’s legs leading to a touchdown. In total, 53 trick plays are included in this video. Enjoy!

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  1. PSC Highlights

    Which was your favorite?

  2. Doug Nading

    Alabama vs. Arkansas – If Battle #9 would've tackled his legs he would've stopped him but instead he tried to tackle like an idiot thus he scored.

  3. Jaxon Petersen

    4:31 so we’re just gonna ignore that his name is Fagot… ok sounds good

  4. la bla

    Fake slides and knees should be illegal. They are designed to protect QB and then QB abuses it. The players have to ease up immediately they have no choice because it will be held against them for hitting him. Using the fake slide will then make the defense follow through and actual hit a sliding man. Like waving a white flag and then opening fire, all white flags from then on are meaningless and defeats the rules intention in the first place, then just remove the rule cant have both.

  5. Dubb

    So a double reverse flea flicker screen nice

  6. Gabe

    6:35 that was definitely a broken play that the qb improvised.

  7. Brent D

    fake slides are the reason it shouldn't be allowed. If the QB is allowed to fake that, he's allowed to be hammered to the ground.

  8. AJ Constantine

    Due to the OBNOXIOUS overuse of the lame “trickeration” hack line, I had to tap. C’mon, morons—make w some original gloss, chrissakes! 🥴😖

  9. 13jorino

    1:34 when she is calling the game even if it is my favorite team, I don't watch the game. She makes my skin crawl. Quit appropriating men's culture. Chris Berman wanna be.

  10. D S

    That fake QB slide is bullshit. Shouldn't be allowed.

  11. Covidescapeslvl4biolab-this mask will stop it

    A lot of linemen need to be recognized for most of these plays…..outstanding blocks

  12. Jimmy Marquardsen

    @7:28 Why did SDSU go for 2 in 3 OT when the score was 31-31???

  13. Davis Hall

    Way to finish with the gamecocks!!, glad I watched the whole video!!

  14. Tyler Hunt

    I don’t recall catching that ball but if they say it was me. It musta been me.

  15. Wendigo63 !

    11:09 Fake slide is unsportsmanlike. They came up with "QB slide" to protect the QB, and he's taking advantage of their respect for QB's special status.

  16. weale

    Try this crap in the pros and you'll get your head knocked off.

  17. Chad Wedul

    I don't call these trick plays. I call them plays.

  18. Adam Nix

    i thought snapping between qb's legs was illegal…

  19. john smith

    What after football 99 percent nothing.

  20. Ted Rowland

    All these plays are pretty tricky

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