Best of Monday Night Football with Peyton & Eli | Manning Cast Super Wild Card Weekend

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An edge-of-the-seat encounter unravelled at the Allianz Stadium as Lookman scored twice to make it five straight games without defeat for Atalanta away to Juventus | Serie A 2022/23

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  1. Jay

    I want brady and Favre on this show full time

  2. Adam Lucas

    Look at Adam Lucas ratings!!!

  3. Adam Lucas

    Turn your cheek Eli and show your best vampire shield

  4. Adam Lucas

    This is the meal we need to keep going

  5. Adam Lucas

    Little Eddie said it was a safety’s!!!

  6. Adam Lucas

    Little Eddie said it was a safety’s!!!

  7. Ezera Kellogg


  8. Jeovani Lael Robinson

    God bless the Manning brothers!

  9. corbyn edwards

    Deions son being a qb and saying qbs should take those hits Is awesome

  10. B Be

    Man I thought for sure Eli was going to say why would he talk about Indy they cut him!!!

  11. Darius Tucker

    Peyton and Eli, Deion, Coach Campbell. Just the best.

  12. Dion Marbury

    When Brady loses, we all win. 👍🏾

  13. juicykdp85

    Dam that kicker killin me!! I don't even like NFL games I'm strictly college football but I'm definitely wanting to see the kicker get the points!

  14. Monke

    Micah praying because he finally got a holding call against him 😭 he gets held every game and gets no calls, it’s crazy. They need to have a personal ref to just stare at Micah Parsons

  15. Rufus McMillian

    Peyton was thinking "stupid liquored up kickers"

  16. JnS

    Whats taking Goodell so long to fine his buddy Brady for that illegal dirty trip?

  17. Robert Shields

    The conversation is great but if you are a fan of either team playing you wouldn't watch this.

  18. Allen Carabajal

    “Hey Peyton, If you see a couple brothas pull up in your drive way, it’s just me and my son!” 🤣🤣

  19. Robert Sutton

    Great,, player s,,man

  20. Hermite Bolivard

    Hang in there! JUVE

  21. Gufron Sultonu

    it's time for Wojciech Szczęsny replaced, his performance is inconsistent, he cannot be relied upon as the number one goalkeeper at juventus.

  22. Pax

    Allegri asino cosa esulti

  23. latri anggoro

    hasil yg mememuaskan forza juve …..

  24. Maulidi Noviantoro NOVAN


  25. Wisdom Emeka

    Lookman is on fire 🔥 no Cap 🧢

  26. Sneak

    Lookman and dimaria were on fire.
    Lookman 2 goals and 1 assist.
    Di Maria 1 goal, 1 assist, 1 indirect assist.

  27. Keveen

    Lookman looking sharp

  28. Migue Gomez

    Wy allegri ahah

  29. Vladimir Shalamov

    Massimiliano Allegri continues to buy lying referees and VARs. The penalty was lying appointed. VAR did not show anything new that they did not see the referee. The usual "contact struggle" for the ball, without tripping. Nicolò Fagioli attacked from behind, in a long split, and got the expected contact as a result of taking over someone else's playing space.

  30. Akkaunt Google ertulus

    Di mariya klas

  31. Gelap

    Juve's defense is too fragile, blunders and unable to control opponents.
    the goalkeeper also seemed to want to hug his wife, not want to catch the ball.
    #Tifos1897UVENTUS 🇮🇩

  32. Jevon Ollivierre

    Man when the fuq Is Juventus going to get rid of that horrible defense.

  33. Gareng_TV

    Stron9er Juve 😭😭😭


    Parabéns! Aos dirigentes da Juventus que prejudicaram o clube por irresponsabilidade.

  35. Allosaurus Fan

    Wchodzę codziennie w kartę na czasie dopóki nie zostanę kolejną osobą wylosowaną przez Ekipę WK (dzień 98)

    Siema WK, pozdrawiam jeżeli właśnie to czytacie

    (jeżeli akurat padnie na mnie to zajebiście)

  36. 라이온즈


  37. bastian X

    So why is Pogba on the bench or not playing?? Why?????

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