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ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto and Ian Parker break down and provide picks for every fight at UFC 270, including the main event heavyweight title between Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane as well as the flyweight title bout with Brandon Moreno taking on Deiveson Figueiredo for the third time. Plus, Anthony Smith joins the show to discuss how he thinks these fights play out.

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  1. RealTalkFamalam

    Francis by 30 second knockout to prove a point 🤪

  2. Clint Richardson

    Fading all yall

  3. 20 for 20

    Kay Hansen in a parlay, bro? Where do we start? You knew she was a head case, 22 yr old girl vs 31 yr old woman and they were just different sized humans, let's be real. We knew this. Everybody and their mama is picking Jas as a dawg but you said nope. I'm so confident that I'm going to put her in a parlay that I give out on ESPN!!!!! Where's Joe Biden at with the Come On, Man! This is people's money! You said you were soooo confident in Giga as a favorite at (-240) and even eluded that you would take him at a higher number. Im thankful I have my shit together but you're on tilt bro.

  4. Abdullah Aah

    Ngano ngantot gane

  5. Tojnam Complex

    Too late my bets are up, was expecting this to go up earlier in the week

  6. ballbag1280

    Late upload

  7. Lopes77 Santos

    Can I still bet?

  8. T.J. Spartacus

    Why is this so late??? I put my bets in yesterday thinking you weren’t going to put up a vid.

  9. TheStubLord

    stub is first from the standpoint of comments

  10. Ragz

    Who else is here after the Nunes upset?

  11. Preying Mantis

    I had Khabib winning in the third against Poirier.

  12. Thomas Ostrowski

    Betting on UFC is by far the easiest and most profitable sport to bet on.

  13. The Jewish Bettor

    Vegas Dave is a born rich trash bag

  14. ADM HipHop

    paying 30 gs for a 25 g payout is stupid af whether it paid off or not lol.

  15. Daniel Pitocco

    Yessss I LOVE when I hear Tommy's voice. Means the vid will be extra dope

  16. Juan Torres

    Hmmm im sure that i would win if i bet you guys are sponsored by some kind of betting webstite or app.

  17. Get D’arce Choked

    F*ck french montana, I put my life on Khabib to beat Conor, come back to me when you put your life on a fight french montana lmao 😂

  18. Mr. T

    Yo, winning 27 G’s on a 30 G bet is NOT a crazy win… y’all trippin

  19. Josefina Lopez

    The evanescent parade operationally prepare because soccer accordingly drag without a verdant wish. acceptable, public sun

  20. k

    Want to be good at MMA betting?
    – Never bet on Male fighters under 135 lbs
    – Never bet on a fighter debuting at a weight class
    – Never bet on a fighter that suffered severe damage in their previous bout or were viciously knocked out
    – Do not bet on fighters that had COVID 19

  21. f2a Finito

    Bro stop thank you for constantly showing Tate. I love her for real

  22. DocIncredible

    I wish I had the money to throw down on Nunes/Spencer (because it's Nunes) or Rousey/Holm (because I saw Ronda's shadow boxing). And Porier/McGregor 2, while I'm at it. How the HELL was McGregor the favourite to win that one?

  23. Ram Saroj

    Only won 46$ so far I am new to betting

  24. nicotine addiction

    Parlays are way too overpowered

  25. Troy R.

    Threw $20 in a DraftKings pool for Stipe DC 2. Came out with $2,000. Missed first place($10,000) by 2 total strikes

  26. Scott Mescudi

    17 914 from just 10 dollars it's just incredible.

  27. Randomly Entertaining

    Welp, you've convinced that fight gambling is where I'll make my fortunate. I think I REALLY like the parlay style. Very small bets that can turn into a LOT of cash.

  28. T A

    I need a Vegas Dave in my life

  29. joseph smith

    I had mir over lesner in the 1st fight

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