Bengals vs Titans Predictions for NFL Playoffs Divisonal Round 2022

Bengals vs Titans predictions for 2022 NFL Playoffs Divisonal Round. NFL expert Chad Millman and professional sports bettor Simon Hunter preview the Cincinnati Bengals vs Tennessee Titans and give their betting picks. Subscribe the The Favorites podcast here:

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  1. Keith White

    The Bengals will win and I will bet against the odds.

  2. Dennis Okada

    Bengals score 35 😌

  3. Mike Ashland

    Gg’s Teen Titans, Gg’s. Gonna be hard to run with rod and screws in that foot, WHO DEY

  4. danoesq2

    Titans win. I've been kicking ass in the playoffs.

  5. 可愛いJapanties

    This is a bye week for burrow and the bengals easy win for Ohio

  6. Kierrian Stewarr

    Fuc da titans WHO DEY ALL DAY!!

  7. Valencio Gray

    Henry has a metal plate in his foot. His legs aren’t fresh lol

  8. Valencio Gray

    DJ Reader is the #1 run stuffer and he’s not out your wrong and you don’t know football.

  9. SofTaco

    My money is on Burrows Bandits

  10. Spongy

    How ignorant to you have to be to think you know what you're talking about. Embarrassing!

  11. Notta Bidenfan

    Green Bay
    LA Rams

  12. Teaser King69

    But I like the bengals +10.5 2 team teaser

  13. Teaser King69

    I frigin love these guys great info guys

  14. WhoDeyTKO

    I wish pundits would stop bringing up losing Larry O as a reason why the Bengals will lose. He is one of the worst graded DL against the run in the entire NFL. It always sucks to lose depth but our 3 beat DL against the run are all playing Reader, Hubbard, and BJ Hill. Plus Hendrickson looks like he will be playing Saturday and was a full participant in practice. The Bengals dline will be fine Saturday.

  15. zerorequiemvgv

    Wish people would stop saying it’s Cincinnati’s super bowl. according to people we won like 6 “super bowls” this year

  16. Harry Balls

    I wonder about Bengals mindset in this game. Can they match their intensity from last week? Everybody’s telling them how good they are now. Tennessee is a physical, nasty team with two weeks to prepare. I doubt Bengals can pull this off but they might cover.

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