Bengals vs Titans FULL BETTING PREVIEW: Expert picks, player props, best bets | CBS Sports HQ

Bengals vs Titans FULL BETTING PREVIEW: Expert picks, player props, best bets | CBS Sports HQ

Bengals vs Titans FULL BETTING PREVIEW: Expert picks, player props, best bets | CBS Sports HQ

Danny Kanell and Bryant McFadden join CBS Sports HQ to provide a full betting preview for the Bengals-Titans game.


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Free NFL betting picks and predictions for Bengals vs Titans. We look at which sportsbook betting apps you can find the best odds for NFL Divisional Round. Full break down of the game between the Cincinnati Bengals vs Tennessee Titans with real analysis, and give our betting tips, free NFL picks and predictions for the point spread and total. We also look at player props and which online sportsbook has the best betting odds and lines for your 01/22/2022 football bets.

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  1. dax daxi

    @McFadden how deep is ur empty pockets…? How much did Vrabels 8-0 with those prepdays work??? I hate how yall going ao much on history etc..this was a totally different team that how those 8 other games mattered? I'm happy you all were wrong…"experts" nooooooo!!!! You all just reading up stats and history…u know all that also so I guesss I'm a expert 2.

  2. Drb500

    Joe was sacks 9 times and they still won The Titans are truly trash

  3. Ryan Hauser

    Mike Vrabel looks like the Waterboy!

  4. Justin Cox

    vrabrel 8-1 suck it

  5. Jeremy

    D Mac pockets empty today. Lol

  6. MrDvaz

    with tanehill no team is going anywhere……he is a proven loser with an ugly heart…he looks down to people when they make less money than him….GO BENGALS!!!!!!!!

  7. tom69

    CBS turn up the mic"s can barely hear you

  8. me some more

    Bengals won't win this game. They were elated and full of piss & vinegar when they won last week. I saw a video of them in their post game locker room. They won "a" game. Not THE game. Didn't act like it.

  9. Richard

    Without dalton and Marvin Lewis this wouldn’t have been possible.

  10. Alfonso Flores

    My prediction for this game Bengals vs Titans nail biting game to the end Bengals 23 vs Titans 24 Titans cover 3 1/2 Under 47 great game

  11. Matteo Romeo

    Those games with Vrabel getting extra rest are almost all against the texans and jaguars. Not a great sample size tbh

  12. Justin Carroll

    Come on injuries titans Bengals

  13. Justin Carroll

    Both defenses need to hit QBs hard asf beat each other up Bengals titans

  14. Justin Carroll

    Beat king Henry's foot bend it when you guys tackle him beat him up brake foot do something get him out so bills can beat them I hope for tons of injuries in titans Bengals game please injerys

  15. Zak Bednar

    This guy has clearly never watched a Titans game. First of all, Derrick Henry is one of the fastest, most elusive players in the NFL. He isn't just a power back. Also, even though it's true the Titans were top ten in sacks, they did it rushing 4. They had one of the five lowest blitz percentages in the league. Tennessee's game plan will be similar to Las Vegas. Both teams play zone and keep the play in front of them. Difference is Vegas is a 4-3, single high offense (heavy cover-3,) whereas TN runs a 2- deep 3-4 that's heavy cover-2

  16. Timothy Isham

    Stay humble Bengals

  17. Alcohol Free

    Kyle Shannon gets pummeled today!! Aaron Rodgers or Jimmy G.? Enough said for sure.

  18. Daron Boyd


  19. uptown boogie

    🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤 all day

  20. Aaron Washington-Childs

    These analysts know nothing. The Titans have a Tannehill issue and the Bengals have a date in the AFC Championship. Better luck next year Titans. Lool.

  21. yulie135

    I'm leaning on titans. Bengals let raiders stay close in the previous game.

  22. KnicksNYanks84

    At 12:40 Matt smiled because he thought Brad said "I'll bet all of it three of them to have sex individually."

  23. Mule

    Bengals 35 Titans 24

  24. John Sheehy

    Why not make it clear at a point who y’all pick. Stuck watching 16 min still don’t know

  25. Alan Kress

    Titans have one of the top 3 pairings of Safeties in the league. Titans are the only team in the league with 3 different Defensive players with 8 sacks each. Joe Burrow will be running for his life today and throw 2 INTs. Tannehill's QBR is 1st in the league with Henry on the field.
    38-9 Titans ⚔️👑

  26. Benji Arehart

    After seeing Cincy barely beat a slightly above average Raiders. I dont see Cincy stopping the Titans healthy offense with a banged up D missing 3 key players. I think it comes down to who wins the turnover battle. Burr, and Jamar are gonna be a problem for Titans secondary. I believe whoever wins the turnover battle wins this game. Titans 34 Bengals 31.

  27. Alex G.

    Henry is not that healthy, he is prone for reinjury, titans defense in the back field is weak giving up 300+ yards and then there's Tannanehill. If henry or the run game does not get going early in the game and they fall behind then can anyone trust Tannenhill over Burrow? 🤣🤣 Easy Bengals ML🔒 and also their props thru the air 😉

  28. Effen Bob

    Bengals have been Lucky, titans have been winning in spite of massive injuries and now they are rested a fully equipped. Titans ml!

  29. Nick Zendano

    What the fuck is it with brad breathing???

  30. G-Mode504

    Titans gonna slow the game down

  31. G-Mode504

    Yards don't win the game. Lol

  32. 𝚈𝚃 𝙿𝚘𝚜𝚝 𝚋𝚢 𝙹𝙳𝙾

    If they RUSH FOUR, Mixon will have 200 yds. today.

  33. Jason

    Stephen trying way too hard on this one. Nothing wrong with “establishing the run”

  34. Energy Healer

    F all these stupid stats

  35. Energy Healer

    Titans d and Cincinnati d will show up big

  36. Energy Healer

    This game will not c 45

  37. Energy Healer

    Guy's it the playoffs. Playoffs you wanna talk about playoffs. If u want to win $$$ bet parlay don't bet single bets u will never get a head my expert pick take titans and over 23.5 1st half.

  38. Norman Eastman

    Did Brad eat a booger half way through?

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