Bengals vs Bills Parlay | 1/22/23 | Free NFL Picks and Parlays

Tommy D-Back, with online sports This is the Sunday NFL divisional report a bills. Bengals Parlay coming, your way. Sit tight do not go anywhere. Now, we’re really excited about our new sponsor Caesars Sportsbook. All new users will get up to 12 hundred fifty dollars back as a bed credit on your first wager. If you don’t win, click that link above in the profile, sign up make a deposit. Now, I see two big player props on this game, if you text,

TD to the 305 number. Now, both props will be sent to you via text. Absolutely free first 50. People only text T to the 305 number. Now I’m going to take the Bengals, plus the points. I’m going over, there’s your Paulie, I’ll be back Monday.

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