Ben Maller Proclaims That With Each Passing Day, Brandon Staley Keeps Proving He Should be GONE!

BEN MALLER SHOW – Ben Maller examines the big game in the AFC North between the Bengals and Ravens. The Bengals lost again and Ben examines if they should be hitting the panic button. Ben then goes in on Brandon Staley and why he still has a job with the Chargers. Ben also touches on the Cowboys reaching 2-0 and if it shows if they are a real threat to win it all.

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  1. Richard Crowe

    Neither of the two higest paid quarterbacks (Burrow Bengals and Herbert Chargers) in the NFL seem to be able to win a single game!

  2. Only1Steezo

    I like this guy! I really do. Keeps it real

  3. HubbzZ

    It’s obvious he is in over his head and doesn’t have what it takes to be a head coach. He can’t even make a confident decision with his time outs, let alone lead a team to any kind of success.

  4. Demetric Clark

    Seem like yall charger fans was expecting a cakewalk game against my titans gtfoh

  5. Nate Strand

    Philip Rivers carried that crap franchise and overcame bad management for over 10 years, idk if Herbert can do the same.

  6. Chelle Belle

    Perhaps he should've met with a football coach this summer and not a basketball coach… Fool!

  7. Chelle Belle

    Yes!!! He must go!!!

  8. kenkenken

    We’ve been cursed since our dumb owner fired Marty after going 14-2 haven’t had a real coach since

  9. CMC JSap

    He flamed 🔥🔥🔥Staley! The chargers have always played this way.

  10. B

    They wereny sleep walking. Cowboys kicked the hell out of them. Playoff team from last year. Team that just made josh allen look like JV. They will make every team look like that minus maybe the 49ers.

  11. Blake Tindle

    Chargers gonna Charger lol

  12. MaxStar

    Been calling for his firing since the infamous Raiders game

  13. D Weez

    How did Staley get the job anyway? He’s never been a head coach on ANY level, how does that happen?

  14. DaFact’s NoNonsense

    Ben really sucks at this sports "takes" stuff = when are you going to say something we don't know

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