BARCELONA BETRAYS MESSI AGAIN! The Catalans will sign ANOTHER player! Chelsea to sign Joao Felix?!

BARCELONA BETRAYS MESSI AGAIN! The Catalans will sign ANOTHER player! Chelsea to sign Joao Felix?!

BARCELONA BETRAYS MESSI AGAIN! The Catalans will sign ANOTHER player! Chelsea to sign Joao Felix?!

BARCELONA BETRAYS MESSI AGAIN! The Catalans will sign ANOTHER player! Chelsea to sign Joao Felix?!

Moukoko intends to join Barça
Diario Sport
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Despite interest from Premier League goliaths, Borussia Dortmund whizkid Youssoufa Moukoko considers Barcelona the priority option to pursue his career route. For the sake of playing at Camp Nou, the German is willing to accept even financial concessions. Barcelona management knows that Moukoko will not end up in the Premier League, as he will either extend his stay with Dortmund or boost Blaugrana roster.

Real Madrid decided on new left-back!
Diario AS
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Real Madrid are drawing up a long-term road map, which has revealed, whom the club wants to see as the new left-back. Los Blancos are plotting to do their best to buy Canadian full-back Alphonso Davies from Bayern Munich in the summer of 2024. The contract of the 22-year-old player with Bavarians runs until the summer of 2025, so the Merengues expect to receive a discount. However, Bayern have no plans to let Davies go, preparing to offer him a new deal. Real no longer sees a regular first team performer in Ferland Mendy.

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  1. Football News

    Friends, who do you think will be able to score more goals this season, Mbappe or Haaland? 🤔

  2. Mattias Thulin

    Hålaand will score more in more difficult lige. Mbappe folllows his hero Ronaldo and ackt like he is bigger then the club. Let him leav and whit the monye There is under 22 years old attacker that they can buy. They will have the monye

  3. Aim True

    Messi is not going back to barca, so theres np betrayal.. miami is Messi next move.. GOAT#MESSI

  4. Shailendra Rana

    What a misleading title! Can't Barca sign anyone ever again?

  5. Najwa Ilham Bekri


  6. SkitterFG_828

    Top 10 reasons why i hate Barcelona
    Number 1:

  7. Jean Andre

    Shut up. You have no idea.

  8. Roy Snabilié

    Ronaldinho is the only player that won everything in south America and Europe he is the GOAT and Messi a Fraud

  9. Karan Marak

    Who betrayed Messi mth***fkr . Don't use clickbait


    You are lacking integrity for using Messi as part of your tittle here.

  11. Sajja Hariprasada Rao


  12. Mlb944 Rambo

    Halland will definintly score more goals

  13. Esomchi Miracle

    Your titles should be true and realistic guys.

  14. Kumbis Jatta

    Hello there was an amazing time and

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    "Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value." **Albert Einstein

  16. just smile

    Well he's old
    why would waste money him

  17. Moon Comfort

    God will punish barcelona they will not win a ucl title till 2024

  18. Justin Moreira

    Welcome to Barca Moukoko🇩🇪🔴🔵

  19. kendall turner

    Kyle has to write something down just so he can talk about the chiefs. Where was your bills. They loss. Ahah

  20. William Ramirez

    cowboys sucks dak and eze need to be back ups no more camera rolling atleast dak can rest on those commercil comfortable beds

  21. LOOGIE777

    Mahomes hit was DIRTY 100000% 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  22. JDO News

    Chiefs fans are nervous! 😂

  23. Dannen Powell

    They hurt pat on purpose! 😡😡

  24. Bruce Nagel

    Monday sports tv is should not be about the cowboys F the cowboys I have heard jerry Jones 8 times this morning don’t f ing care can we move on

  25. Alex Henderson

    Bates talking alot of smack after he faked injury to save the game last year let's see who flops this year

  26. Ramon Velazquez

    Funny I thought all along, the bills were the most bad ass team in football? Isn’t that what this and every other show has been saying all year?


    Bengals 35, Chiefs 21 😃🎶🎵

  28. Marky Mark

    He's obviously not going to be anywhere close to 100% after only 7 days. These high ankle sprains take multiple weeks to heal

  29. Woozyguy9

    Kyle Brandt looks like he went on a bender after watching his bf lose… lol

  30. good vibes

    Can't wait to see Kyle Brandts face this morning after the bills loss and Josh allen bad game🤩 Chiefs Kingdom Baby!

  31. Justin Day


  32. Theresa Turner

    The cowboys as usual being cowgirls

  33. Al Cianfrani

    Brock Purdy looks like a date rapist.

  34. Alton Rodgers

    Let’s see what’s the bengals excuse for not winning a super bowl again 😂

  35. Aurora Watson

    Bengals classless team players! will not stay there next season because they need to pay Burrow 😂😂

  36. Daniel Riddick

    Excuses and Chiefs don't go together, try another team with that crap. Nice try tho.

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