Athlete of the Week: Tiger Adolpho, Rigby Football

Athlete of the Week: Tiger Adolpho, Rigby Football

These Footballs may look identical but they have a very large price difference…

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Does price really matter when it comes to buying a Football?…

Football/soccer ball boots football/soccer ball challenges to see which is best!!

1) weight test
2) bounce/drop test
3) freestyle test
4) Street football test
5) Shooting test

Football test play test and review testing new football’s cheap and expensive. VS. Cheap £9/ Football vs expensive £120/6 adidas official pro player match ball! Which is best and can you spot the difference?? Football experiment.

Kieran Brown.
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  2. Rhoods Kevin

    Everything is expensive when you can not afford it… or you don't really like it. No passion….

  3. MadeInHeaven

    Ok dont scratch the ball goddammm

  4. MadeInHeaven

    Yes i got it correct

  5. Killroy 8000

    I still they re the same ball

  6. Mahamedibro2004

    Love your videos bro 💙

  7. Nguyễn Duy Minh Hoàng

    Vn đầu 😈👍👍😈

  8. Matt Goodwin

    I've only just noticed that keiran says his name like Kiren


    cheap ball killed it, one maybe able to tell it apart but still the cheap has no major issues
    please redo this for 2022 and put product link in description

  10. Zothantluanga Khawlhring

    Give me your football

  11. VeRxCy_FroZsY-_-

    Can someone tell me if match balls are also good for training ??

  12. Alexander Ochoa

    Honestly a ball is a ball

  13. Robert T

    The more expensive ones generally are nicer in game though. However any ball is better than no ball.

  14. Southparkplushvids

    I prefer to use cheaper balls and size 4 balls because the expensive balls are harder and I’ve just started football so I can’t kick really hard i can kick hard though because I’ve been playing for like 3 4 months

  15. PolArt

    When it is time to play
    Just play no matter what just try to get use to the ball what ever the price is and your opponent is playing with the same ball anyway…

  16. M4RC

    Yoooo i still have that ball until now (the real 2016 ball)

  17. shiva bhat

    now everytime i see his video i think there is green man behind him 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. frthou?

    The original one is white and clean asf

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