ASMR 2022 NCAA College Football NIL Agent

I’ve got brand deals lined up for you… All you need to do is focus on being the best player you can be. 2021 is the season that will change your life forever.

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Taylor McHargue, ESPN Football Analyst joins 365 Sports to discuss his thoughts on the games this week around college football, his thoughts on the transfer portal in college football, NIL in college football, and more.

Join David Smoak, Paul Catalina and Craig Smoak on 365 Sports Radio weekdays from 3-6 for discussions and interviews about college sports!


  1. Cap Bailey ASMR

    "Like" this video to keep the algorithm juices flowing.

  2. lil jamey

    no one: bailey:Here is 10,000 for you

  3. Matthew Calmert

    I absolutely love this one

  4. Evan Harbord

    It’s called foot ball but you hold it in your hands so handball

  5. Alex blatchford

    Ok I’ll sign with the University of Arizona

  6. Brandon Oliver

    Pov: you’re Bryce young

  7. kentrell gaulden


  8. Mobile Commentator

    W asmr

  9. Chandler Betts

    Can we get one for after the National Championship and getting ready for the draft?

  10. kope

    Honestly best video ive seen keep it up dude 💯

  11. ugnixs

    More of these types of videos please!!

  12. Dom James

    Tom was drafted in the 6th round

  13. Channel 1 Texas

    as a bama boy myself, you're from either Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, one of the Carolinas or maybe Arkansas!

  14. Harry Bull

    This video made me dream i was back as a running back and instead of college i was with the jets only if

  15. Quincy Turner

    The guy he’s talking to is Jordan Davis😂

  16. Carlos

    This was awesome. Thanks Cap.

  17. Brock Alpher

    One of the best ASMR videos watched

  18. Brandon Hiestand

    fav video you have out. need more vids like this!

  19. James WattsRees

    More of this please!!

  20. Ron Bates

    When I was a young fan of College Football, the Heisman Trophy was for the best Senior in CFB. And, his character came into question besides his 3 year(at the time) career. Not real sure when it changed and character stopped being important. But, it did change and back in the day no player that had “F**K” on his fingers of one hand and”UTAH” on the other would have ever won that award. But, it has changed and it seems like character no longer is important. And I don’t really know if that is a good thing or not.

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