Arsenal 3-2 Manchester United FULL REACTION! ‘It’s OVER! Arsenal will win the league!’ | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Kay Murray and Luis Miguel Echegaray are joined by Steve McManaman, Mark Ogden, Shaka Hislop and Dalen Cuff to discuss Arsenal’s incredible 3-2 win over Manchester United in the Premier League.

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The ESPN FC crew react to Manchester City landing a potentially crucial psychological blow on Arsenal by knocking the Premier League leaders out of the FA Cup with a 1-0 fourth round win at the Etihad.

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  1. russel johnson

    arsenal havent beat city at home for a long time . hopefully beat them on febuary 16

  2. Sosteen Wafula

    Arsenal was helped by var to win against man u

  3. Ink Gun

    Mark Ogden doesnt even open his mouth and now he also has a bad connection. This guy is just straight annoying

  4. Boxing finest AJ warrior

    Beat city twice or Evan once and our chances of winning the league becomes really believable for me personally !!!!

  5. Ghost

    19 games left and its over?

  6. Oxygiiien H20

    United fan here. I must say arsenal passing was too good. United defensively was good but odegaard is such a pest. If this keep ups Arsenal will win the league this year and next year. As for United I trust ten hag not play werghost again the experiment is done werghost ain't it

  7. Ramakrishnan Iyer

    Zinchenko will go down as the best signing of the season. What a performance. The way Arsenal played in the last quarter was amazing.

  8. Rahul Singh

    One has got to applaud artetas vision he had huge faith in niketiah from the beginning.I remember he had recalled niketiah on loan from Leeds.

  9. Neo Anderson

    Cant wait to hear the haters, aka Frank LeBeouf & Steve Nicol eat more humble pie

  10. Cassius

    City will draw against spurs, beat villa and lose to Arsenal thens its pretty much over

  11. Geo Mejia

    i don’t watch arsenal until td…just wow…the first two minutes sum up arsenals season so far….i was looking at the team and it could use improvement in the sense of bigger names maybe the back line and some better midfielders but when you’re performing like this??? wow

  12. Karloz Kalderon

    Bad audio from Mark Ogden AGAIN. Come on ESPN get him a better set up!

  13. O'neil P

    Lmao its ronaldo's fault

  14. Crushal Banks

    Stevie must be having nightmares knowing the bet placed against Arsenal 😂😂😂 credit to Craig Burnley💯

  15. Manumalo Mapusua

    Good thing is we get to play City in the FA cup and grasp where we at I’d rather we lose this one learn from it so when we play the league game we are well prepared but I have the feeling we’ll win both games regardless COYG

  16. Robin LaBouche

    A few weeks ago Hislop said that Nketia was definitely not the answer for Arsenal with Jesus missing…just goes to show how good a talent scout he would make, Nketia is on fire and is a really, really good player. Maybe you should try looking closely at players and stop making rash, stupid comments Hislop !!!! 😜

  17. Ser Eminente

    We lost but still proud of the team🔴👹

  18. jahivah

    The most expensive transfer in our side tonight was Benjamin White snd he started the second half on the bench. Our back four are either unknowns or backups at their former clubs. Odegaard was an afterthought at Madrid, Xhaka's own fans wanted him out. Sakha came throuhh the ranks abd Gabi was plucked out of obscurity as a 17-year-old. Eddie as well had been turned on by the fans. Thomas Partey is the only one in thid team that anyone gave a chance straight-away and Sakha, seemed special. Even Ramsdale was hated by the fans. All Credit to the manager.

  19. WhySoSrs?

    There needs to be something that lets me know the B team is covering this story over the A team. A different thumbnail colour. Idk. Im getting tired of clicking the video and seeing face time videos.

  20. ThekidPTA

    I’ll say this now that win against arsenal might be important for city against arsenal in the premier league even tho they say it was not important after they watched that match

  21. virupaksha walla

    If Partey didn't get injured btw we probably win it.

  22. virupaksha walla

    Indeed no drama. As long as Partey doesn't have cracked ribs. Good to see Sambi not up to it now rather than Wednesday but shame selling clubs saw it too. Worried we don't have alternative to Brighton boy. Frank talking total nonsense today. Liverpool used to play kids in FA cup before last season. Craig talking more sense.

  23. Abu Khalid Ali

    Frank was spot on
    …clear opinion no excuses for Arsenal

  24. Nathen Pillay

    Absolutely spot on Don u stole the show

  25. Domingos Manuel

    I am not getting it. Even if Arsenal are to lose both games against City (which won't happen), they'll still be 2pts ahead

  26. Mércio Júnior

    Man City has a better squad, it’s easier for them to play their best team, they have 2 starting elevens basically. Frank has been getting it wrong lately, Arteta is worried about the Prem and wanted to rest some players

  27. Mércio Júnior

    This is a professional manager Frank is a accusing of picking a weak team to have an excuse to lose, smh what is wrong with the man?

  28. Karume Huie

    Arsenal no respect the competition Arteta must remember that is the first trophy he as won.

  29. Karume Huie

    I think 🤔 we should do more to win the game Arsenal

  30. Hackle

    As a neutral, this game was a horrible watch😴

  31. Jimmy Sonam

    Frank Lebouf is a very negative guy

  32. effortlessly ineffable

    Is Frank's brain in a bin somewhere else? arteta already won the fa cup with arsenal 🤣🤡

  33. Samy A.

    Frank is waffling. There is a reason clubs have 23 men squads, so not the same 11 players play every game. Not Arteta's fault his bench is not as good as city's superteam. No disrespect here for a trophy he won after 6 months at the club

  34. naruchimo

    Frank saying Arteta's line up was disrespectful to the FA Cup is also being disrespectful to the players on the pitch!

  35. Phillip Nelson

    A fast forward franks comments he’s talking garbage city did us a favour lol hahahaha Arteta sly fox

  36. Phillip Nelson

    Frank talking garbage he just want arsenal to fall over a bitter Chelsea former player

  37. Fabi sax

    Your headline is not true…. we need to play phil more and rest girlish

  38. Captain Smoke

    I'm glad we're out tbh.

  39. Ricardo Drackett

    Frank just clutching at this moment…… nonsense analysis

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