ALL NEW! In The Back Pocket – Round One Preview

In The Back Pocket is back! With an all-new line-up. Footy journo extraordinaire Jay Clarke joins the team to host, with the two of the best small forwards of the last 20 years as his esteemed panel, in Nathan Brown and Stevie Johnson. The boys preview all upcoming action in round one of the AFL season, plus Stevie reveals to Jay how an article he wrote 20 years ago in the Geelong Advertiser about Stevie’s antics on the circuit may have cost him more than just his burgeoning career. All that, plus a whole heap more, on a new and hugely improved In The Back Pocket!
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  1. M Thomson

    Cheerin that jayz is back

  2. Jack Romeo

    thank god georgie parker and bj are gone

  3. fwarquar

    No Georgie Parker or BJ? They been traded in the off season?

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