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All-Access: 2019 NBA Draft

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The 2019 NBA Draft Class Is TAKING OVER

The 2019 NBA Draft was hyped up to be one of the best of the last 10 years in the NBA, and it has lived up to the hype… with players like Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, Bol Bol, and more.

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  1. Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Tajuddin

    Ja, Zion, DG had taken the leap
    Next in line RJ and JP

  2. Jimsvon DW

    Pick 1 = Zion Williamson who friends of Ja morant from school same class and RJ Barret
    Pick 2 = Ja Morant who friends of Zion Williamson
    Pick 3 = RJ Barret who friends of Zion Williamson

    Wow this top 3 picks is Zion friends

  3. Benzo

    Who’s here in 2020 in November

  4. adventures by penny gg

    Basketball is the best game. I like it.

  5. rodj

    1:07 future teamates sitting next to eachother

  6. Kyle Miller


  7. Genesis_8

    Everybody sleepin on Coby White😴


    The best 2 ja mrant and zion

  9. Slim Reaper

    Knicks fans get their hopes up every year

  10. jerome sanderson

    Tyler Herro

  11. Paisley headwind

    Wow I'm surprised Tacko Falls didn't get drafted

  12. itzking heli

    Zion and lebrons similarity

  13. Sean Greene

    Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior.


    1-3 no bust

  15. Pau Co Music

    Mega Beats 🎸 Pau Co

  16. Pau Co Music

    Mega Beats 🎸 Pau Co

  17. Nedders

    Little do they know what's about to happen….

  18. lee shaoran

    You speak way too fast..😂

  19. Math Boy

    You missed badly on Rui Hachiura… you obviously lost track of him after his first couple seasons, for which what you said applied. But he's been an offensive weapon since the start of last season (he missed the first couple months that season). In fact, he's now coming off the bench as the offensive focal point of the Wizard's second unit.
    Hachiura "has not developed enough offensively."
    His 21-22 / 22-23 seasons: PPG 11.3 / 13.5, EFG .563 / .563.
    Hachiura "hasn't really figured out how to shoot the ball"
    His 21-22 / 22-23 seasons: 3PT .447 / .377 on almost 3 attempts per game both seasons.

  20. Benjamin Dover

    My grades 2023 January
    1. Zion – A+
    2. Ja – A+
    3. RJ – A
    4. Hunter – B
    5. Garland – A+
    6. Culver – F
    7. Coby White – C
    8. Jaxson Hayes – C-
    9. Rui – C+
    10. Reddish – C
    11. Cam Johnson – C+
    12. PJ Washington – C+
    13. Herro – A
    14. Langford – D-
    15. Sekou – D-
    16. Okeke – C-
    17. Nickeil AW – D-
    18. Goga – C-
    19. Luka Samanic – D-
    20. Matisse – C
    21. Brandon Clarke – C+
    22. Grant Williams – B-
    23. Bazley – D+
    24. Ty Jerome – D+
    25. Nassir Little – D+
    26. Dylan Windler – D-
    27. Kabengele – D-
    28. Poole – A+
    29. Keldon Johnson – A+
    30. KPJ – A
    31. Claxton – B
    32. Okpala – D-
    33. Carsen Edwards – F
    34. Bruno Fernando – D-
    35. Didi Louzada – F
    36. Cody Martin – C+
    37. Sirvydis – F
    38. Gafford – C+
    39. Smailigic – D-
    40. Justin James – F
    41. Paschall – B
    42. Schofield – D
    43. Nowell – B-
    44. Bol – B
    45. Roby – C+
    46. THT – B-
    47. Brazdeikas – F
    48. Terance Mann – C+
    49. Weatherspoon – D-
    50. Brantley – F
    51. Tremont Waters – D
    52. Jalen McD – B+
    54. Wright-Foreman – D-
    55. Shayok – D-
    56. Kyle Guy – D
    Everyone else an F

  21. Shane Frederick

    Disagree about Zion over Ja at this point. Not a crazy take though

  22. Lilscrappy$50cent

    I feel like that’s a safe pick (Zion for the number one pick)
    I’m taking JA sorry
    Zion 2nd 3rd best

  23. Anthonyurita

    Honestly I think cam reddish needs to go to a team who will give him a starting role

  24. peterhaslund

    Why do teams always take the big oaf? 8 times out of 10 they are pure busts, weighed down by their own frame. Why not go for skilled, smart, intelligent players? Kobe, Steph, etc., etc. "You can't teach big!" seems so yesterday, yet teams still go for it. What follows are mostly injuries…

  25. xIpyschoIx

    Id definitely take keldon over cam

  26. Alex Stewart

    Here after Garland has a career game against Minnesota. What a comeback and they almost pulled it off. Cleveland is looking monstrous this year.

  27. NBA PBA Update

    Grant William A.K.A " PAT Batman "

  28. NBA PBA Update

    Jaylen Brown next video Sporting Logically 🙏🙏🙏

  29. WaliWrldd

    How tf you leave bol bol out of this ? Put him in the thumbnail and not even mention him 🤦🏻‍♂️ dude has made big improvements

  30. Lintah Pius

    All number 13 draft are always good

  31. King AbiNative

    1) Williamson
    2) Morant
    3) Garland
    4) Poole
    5) Hero
    6) Barrett
    7) Johnson

  32. mrpzpdx

    Herro still only 22 could still be in College right now. He’ll keep improving. He’s got the clutch gene too. Not afraid of the moment.

  33. Diego Avilés

    why is bol in the thumbnail 😩😩😩😩😩😩

  34. David Teal

    Sadly I’d go ja Zion is a freak but ja has a different type of control on a game it’s crazy

  35. william blake

    More draft board or list on screen please

  36. Hector Watt

    Nah I’m taking Ja over Zion 10/10 times

  37. Madding02

    I wasn’t even that mad about Cam Johnson pick they didn’t need more raw players

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