Alabama-Tennessee is not an 'BE ALL END ALL' for either team – Rece Davis | College GameDay Podcast

Pete Thamel and Rece Davis preview Alabama vs. Tennessee in Week 7 of the college football season.

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  1. Bleedblue2116

    Tennessee comes out hot an gets up on bama fast maybe by two scores, an Saban makes the adjustments an Bama comes back an beats Tennessee in the 3rd an 4th quarters. 37-29 Tide.

  2. Rocky Top

    I love the Vols. They have a good team. Not a great team. I don't expect them beating Alabama or Georgia yet. Sure they are improving but no rational Vol fan expects championships just yet. If they beat Bama or Georgia I'd be very happy, but even a 9-3 season is great considering. All I care about is seeing improvement each year.

  3. John David Lewis

    Lmao Rece went to Bama, so of course he is going to downplay the loss if Bama ends up losing.

  4. Travis Does Kayak Fishing

    I wanted my Vols to win 8 to 9 this near to feel good about the season. Tennesee likely has 10-11. No matter what, the season is good wth wins over Pitt, Florida, and LSU.

  5. fluffyfeet

    Bama player’s yelling really loud… they’re scared of us… welcome to Rocky Top Bama🤣🤣🤣

  6. Jim Beaux

    Getting the loser of this game’s excuses in early. I like it

  7. Donad Roach

    Keep a eye out for Alabama players flopping like fish in 3rd and 4th quarters when Tennessee goes hurry up

  8. Brian Harmon

    Blitz Bama all day

  9. Hippy

    hes right as a vol fan winning this game would be huge, but ultimately it means nothing If we don't get it done against georgia, SEC championship is always the end game

  10. Kendall Bledsoe

    Why are all these Bama fans on our channel trolling? They can't stand for someone else to have a good that can challenge or beat them..

  11. jimmy Burnett

    Tennessee going undefeated. If Young is not 100% he will get hurt again.

  12. Michael Land

    We will be lighting cigars on Rocky Top, There is a new sheriff in Town. Go big Orange 🍊

  13. Chance Greene

    Listen to what this man is saying and regardless of the out come know this. Alabama feeds off the doubt of everybody. Last year no one had us to do what we did not for real. Even I one point o was like well better luck next year. I do know that the Texas game was left in Texas so enough is enough about that. Also last week was last week. The tide will do whatever it takes to win bet on that

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