AC Milan vs. Tottenham: Extended Highlights | UCL Round of 16 – Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Serie A reigning champions AC Milan host Tottenham and Antonio Conte, the former manager of their heated local rivals Inter.

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Thanks to Mauro Icardi’s penalty goal, Galatasaray beat Trabzonspor 2-1 and remains alone in the top position of the table. Galatasaray is one win away from equaling the record for most wins in the same league season since Besiktas achieved it in the 1959-1960 season.

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  1. Marcelino Bernal

    They need a new commentator 💀

  2. en capsule

    tottenham win 2nd leg.

  3. Forsure Der

    only 720p? What year is it!?

  4. k-unit 91

    Il mio unico amore sei non ti ho tradito mai!❤️🖤

  5. Em-J- G0 T0 my Channel l-i-v-e (now)💝

    He attacks it like Dracula in front of a plate of liver." Insane

  6. Kyle Loftis

    Never forget God loves you and is our lord and savior

  7. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans
    The media feeds humans trash on a regular basis, and they eat it right up. Most humans don't like to think for themselves.


  8. 👉Bridget- GO T0 МY chаnnеl livе *now*

    Glad to see the mighty Milan back in the UCL knock-out stage 🔥

  9. qazse qa

    What kind of cross is that (8:57) especially towards the most important moment..?

  10. thisisCHOPZZ

    Died is such a joke. Periscope should have played an individual sport instead

  11. CHEWBI

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  13. Mythical Masters

    Not gonna lie Rafael Leao was doing great.

  14. Tricky

    Tottenham was so bad, even the ref let them keep diving to help them out🤣🗑. Milan deserving winners, great to finally see them win a KO round game again after so long❤️🖤

  15. Kenes Sadvakassov

    Is one commentator sucking the other the whole match?

  16. Kenes Sadvakassov

    I wish they could make the no comment highlights cuz this american/scottish duo is complete crap.

  17. Xamxon

    Seems to me Tottenham played to not concede many goals, seeking to overturn the results at home.
    Corwadice and bad choice.

  18. Stephen Mason

    Let's all laugh at the Premier League elitists 😄😂🤣

  19. westcoast1axxx

    Romero & Dier are so out of their league. They are mediocre defenders at best….

  20. Mehmet

    Ts 12 saniye olan mukemmel futbolundan tebrik ediyorum😂😂😂

  21. ALGO

    Cimbom keser biyerlerinizi

  22. Simon Afacan

    Muslera,nin ayak Tarik kemigi ( os naviculare) kirilmis en zaman alti hafta yok.

  23. angry canary

    Another "cheap" penalty and another cheap win for GS. If you just look at the last few games, Sivas, Umraniye, Trabzon; you can easily see that these games should be tie. But pro AKP and pro Feto refs always give a little push to GS with a cheap penalty or cheap red card. Where as they do opposite (cheap red card and not giving much more serious penalties) to Fenerbahce. If you just look at last 3 games, it is +6 points for GS and -6 for FB. If you can do the math, it is 12 points difference… 🙂 If I am wrong and refs are good, why did they just fire 2-3 refs and replace MHK (head of refs) last week? Why did they fire Cuney Cakir (Fatih's son) and some other major refs last year? This has been like this for last 20 years. Why? Because voting base of AKP is GS-TS-BJK fans, so it is mostly politics. For Erdogan to win the elections, FB should lose. Fener should have just left this corrupted league 15 years ago…

  24. Kemal Bagci

    How is Leo Dubois better than Van Aanholt?

  25. yonetmen

    Can someone please tell me the name of the speaker? I need to find him!

  26. serhat senkardesler

    Great match. Great results. Great highlights.
    Thank you for letting us to listen that song. 🫱🏼😀🫲🏼💛❤️

  27. Born Muslim and die as a Muslim Allahu Akbar 👆

    Cok guzel Galatasaray we need all these Win's love from Turkiye 🇹🇷 Galatasaray 💛❤️ is the Real Madrid in Istanbul Turkish Super League!

  28. Anders Von Admiral


  29. Derin Alemdar

    Somebody needs the guts to stop this team but Muslera better get well soon.

  30. RandomUser

    With the help from the referee Galasaray wins another game. Shameful league you have.

  31. Demir Oz

    Spikeri nerden buldunuz olum, saka gibi. degistirin sunu yaa

  32. zeynullah gider

    Tebrikler Galatasaray. Tebrikler Ugurcan. Ugurcanin macin en iyisiydi bence. Yerine baska bir kaleci olsaydi durum cok farkli olurdu. Ve tebrikler Halil Umut Meler. Bu kadar hakem faciasindan sonra agiz tadiyla bir mac izledik sayende.

  33. stepk02

    My impressions (not that they matter!!):

    What was Muslera thinking? You never want to give that ball to your comrade when he is not all alone!!
    The Lions have too much talent. They will (and should) be the champs easily.
    The Egyptian knows better. Never step on opposing player's boot inside the box.
    Terrific penalty kick by Icardi.
    The Black sea team desperately needs a scorer. They never managed to replace those who left the team!!

  34. Ece Dapdar

    Lan adam maç anlata anlata ingilizceyi söktü

  35. Icardisokardi

    Icardi is the best striker in world top classes 🔥 if he gets more ball he will be deadly in box .

  36. Cenk Sanivar

    Is there any particular reason why the rest of Galatasaray players hesitate passing the ball to Icardi no matter how much he is a master of positioning at offense?
    Watch again carefully and observe how he creates unmarked zones quickly breaking the defense tactics and make himself available at deadly speed 😮

  37. Mr sneaker robot

    Broe Argentine need to call icardi broe 😑😑

  38. Kader’s Design Studio

    Offf cok iyi oynamisiz. Top bir kaleye girmemis. Icardi ye Dogru Paslar gelmemis geldiginde de etrafinda en as 3 kisi var trabzondan. Neyse guzel oyun +3 puan

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