#75 Laremy Tunsil (T, Texans) | Top 100 Players of 2021

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When Laremy Tunsil left Ole Miss to go pro, he was expected to be one of the top picks taken. But on Draft Night, leaked texts and video from Tunsil’s phone hurt his stock and put his school in the NCAA’s crosshairs.

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  1. citylims

    Even with Tunsil the Texans O-line is still atrocious, and a bottom feeder. Not to mention that entire franchise is a garbage truck on fire. Maybe Tunsil will go back to Miami when his deal is up in Texans in a couple seasons.

  2. Overly Reminiscent Grandpa

    “Bruh we don’t care about these picks just go bac-“

    “BuT WaIt THeReS MOar dA 2022 PiCk..”


    Shaq from bmore?

  4. Omar Oba

    Nice. Finally big men getting love

  5. Djawid Sidiqy

    I wish the nba would do those too but instead of 100 players do top 50 cuz there’s less players

  6. joey hiii

    Ill never forget he dropped in the draft and i thought the giants were gonna get him smh

  7. N B

    Bill O'Brian at his finest

  8. Joseph Lopez

    Laremy Tunsils lungs should be number 1

  9. Jesse Pusatero

    Thanks for Trey Lance, Tunsil!

  10. Lambda Lambda Lambda

    I'm seriously tired of every athlete having their own logo. Trent Brown…. You ain't selling merch.

  11. Trikki Clips

    I'm so grateful for za'darius Smith as a Packers fan he's great on and off-field

  12. GIANTsGuy

    To think everyone could’ve gotten him in draft after smoke-mask! SMH

  13. Chuck Lee

    Dolphins haven’t got anything great back in return from the trade. A lot of picks but nothing like Tunsil.

  14. Beast

    His career getting wasted in Houston

  15. Jacobi William

    he also one very expensive tackle. But i ain't mad tho. Go get your money

  16. Trevon Griffin

    Every video is like 50 comments talking about how underrated the player is. Haven’t seen any saying a player is overrated besides some saying that about Marshon Lattimore. That should tell y’all something. Everybody on this list is amazing.

  17. Kip King

    To be drafted high, and analyzed by Coaching Staff and Front Offices is one thing, but to be praised and acknowledged by Your peers/competition is another. Love how they all know what is brought to the table and the value of it for the team and the league as a whole

  18. Dezi Kam

    Bro the whole video was just about the trade 😂 and that hes nice 😂

  19. Tony R.

    The way I see it, all things considered.
    The are two choices. No. 1, pay collegiate players. The other? Dissolve all collegiate sports.

    Which decision is most beneficiary to both party's?

  20. Jake Bellamy

    He smokes weed ooooooo 😂

  21. SpaceHippo420

    Star athlete? More like star idiot.

  22. Logical Dude

    It might sound weird, but that whole situation with the bong and the money actually made me respect Tunsil more. Someone was clearly trying to sabotage him on the greatest night of his life and he didn't cave. He handled it like a man. He was straightforward and just moved on.

  23. Johnson Hunglo

    Taylor pleaded guilty to one count of sexual misconduct and one count of soliciting a prostitute in the third degree in 2011.

  24. John Kensington

    I LOVE the Southern-Gothy type vibes.

  25. B R 1990

    Now they have NIL deals

  26. DOCDOOM730

    Money corrupts and because of that no college athlete should receive a single cent and no professional athlete should have a take home after taxes salary (including all endorsement deals) of $1,000,000 … everything else should be mandatorally given to charity , their highschool , home town etc etc …. it's disgusting that people make millions of dollars to play a game …

  27. roy waters

    You shouldn’t have any questions! It’s as obvious as it can be that the NCAA has made billions off the backs of these poor and vulnerable and captive kids. They have treated these young men horribly! Lying thieves would have done no better at stealing from these young men than the NCAA has. Shameful and I hope courts go back decades to hold the old men, who have enriched themselves off the backs of the young, accountable!!! Some should face jail time!! But other than that the NCAA is okay.

  28. jimmy

    why is this edited like a tv show

  29. The Real Talk Show

    Bruh that’s crazy he loss all that draft stock cus of weed

  30. Jesse Jacobo

    It was not weed it was salvia

  31. Gabriel Minckler

    The abortive blouse emotionally reply because range scully fire barring a free chauffeur. easy, sulky nurse

  32. M Diesel

    Please investigate the FBI and C.I.A and DOJ…. Also the propoganda news outlets…. Congress and senate members, that would be Great💯

  33. Kaylon Reese

    Y’all act like he doing crack or heroin or sumn

  34. James DeFord

    Audio match at 17:39 — I see you, editor. Incredibly nice work.

  35. dragin nahu

    Que stephen A smith
    Get off the weeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeed

  36. dragin nahu

    Dumbest moves ever record the evidence with camera and upload it to online
    How dumb and smog can you get

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