#6 Alabama vs #10 LSU THRILLING Ending | 2022 College Football

The college football game between LSU and Alabama had a thrilling ending as the two teams exchanged scores in the fourth quarter before the game went to overtime with control of the SEC West on the line.

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  1. PSC Highlights

    Is Alabama’s run of dominance slowly coming to an end?

  2. Will Montgomery

    watched this live and couldn’t believe it such a great game

  3. Hans Enfiet

    For anyone who still thinks Bama deserved to be in the playoffs, they lost to two teams that Georgia subsequently dismantled. They weren’t the same caliber team as the previous season. And they had a lousy offensive coordinator. Better luck next year.

  4. Claiborne East Jr

    At the time, I thought LSU should have gone for two against FSU. Hindsight, of course, but they missed the PAT.

  5. The Cliff

    Kelly went for 2 because he didn’t want to leave the game in the refs hands.

  6. King of S Cobb

    This was beautiful!

  7. Ed

    Georgia just so much better than all these SEC wannabees.

  8. Brian Davis

    That was one of the best college football games of 2022! I enjoyed watching it live and seeing the highlights. Congrats to LSU!

  9. BeccaLou Who

    I had forgotten how exciting that game was. GEAUX TIGERS!!

  10. Robert Sisneros

    Another great game when Bama goes down.

  11. Korah Davis

    My uncle is a huge LSU FAN I MEAN HUGE called me so trashed after this game it was so funny

  12. Ryan B

    Did any Bama players sucker punch a woman after this game because "they were scared"?

  13. Tiger WarEagle14

    I was about to call Daniels a dumbass for not snapping the ball when Bama had 12 men on the field.

    But he still got the game winner 😂

  14. Jacob

    Easily the craziest moment I’ve ever witnessed in person. Cannot believe I was actually there when we literally shook the ground


    Best game of the LSU season. GEAUX TIGERS!

  16. Josh

    What was the song LSU's band played after the Jayden interview??

  17. Aaron Kelly

    That run at 2:15 was a huge boost

  18. Abortionville Bluestate

    Thanks LSU,
    A USC FAN!

  19. shsuususjs snjsus

    Boutte. Gotta be mad they call him Butts

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