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  1. bandmankevo

    Report page that comment under your post I will never comment under post

  2. Joe Chaka

    Nick Hollywood is the best sports better

  3. Cameron Graham

    Even though I know it’s statistically impossible, bro look like he don’t lose lol

  4. Mike Allen

    Remember one thing there’s only one highroller his name is mattress Mack looking up he bitch $20 million a game and he doesn’t wear gold chains and he tells you who he likes because he’s betting 20 million a game remember people that have been sent information I don’t need you when you’re winning $10 million why would I sell you my bets Mattress Mack guys OK watch him he’s legitimate Rams it’s all over the Internet mattress Mack

  5. Mike Allen

    Guys understand something high rollers don’t wear gold chains A high roller keeps a low profile asset forfeiture the government will take your money why would you want to show 100,000 and doing so draw red flags but me being a professional when you buy tips make sure the person giving the chips puts their tax returns on TV So highroller will that 5 million in a year for fun so when they show you their tax return you’ll see 5 to 10,000,000 if you don’t see that they’re amateurs remember guys a highroller bet 100,000 on one game there’s over 350 days a year that they would be placing bets and remember most people rent this jewelry and a jewelry store that you know a friend will let you
    Use the jewelry for a day or two remember Meet me in a professional gamblerwhy would I want to give you my bets It will change the oddsand hurt me So if I have a horse why would I want to bet my horse Real gamblers no trainers so we can get winners but sports batters they don’t know anybody all they do is watch the game and guess The best deal you can get save all your money and watch the game and bet with your heart. It’s your money would you rent out your wife for a fee it’s your voice you would figure it out so figure out your own bets

  6. Shakiel Saddler Jackson

    Constructive criticism – please get better audio quality

  7. Pee Ferg

    1000% scam. Not a single mention of mathematics nor statistical analysis haha! Martingale system DOES NOT WORK in sports betting! Watch this if you want a good comedy laugh.

  8. Guitar Guru

    No sports better in history has been successful long term using the "Martingale system" this guy uses. Otherwise everyone would use it. Think about it! Originally designed for roulette, the Martingale system will eventually make you go broke – especially when used playing sports. You have been warned.

  9. Vasko Korkmaz

    GOAT awakenbeerus

  10. Dlal Dlal

    awakenbeerus win every game

  11. Bilgi Fışkıracak

    this guy win every game awakenbeerus

  12. duru

    why awakenbeerus is best at prediction

  13. Yasin Bey

    awakenbeerus is lord of predictions

  14. baba pro mert roblox123

    prediction master awakenbeerus

  15. ꧁നɢαcнα cнαяʟıεന꧂

    awakenbeerus is lord of predictions

  16. G

    lil porcupine really said all the offshore non regulated booked then proceeded to say fanduel isnt in a lot of states

  17. John Doe


  18. Alvan Duckworth

    is this parody? or a joke?

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