3 Horse Racing Tips for Maximum Profits (Strategy Guide)

Here are the best 3 horse racing tips that you can digest and check out yourself today. Each tip contains logical background information and the relevant resources to research selections. As mentioned though, picking winners consistently over an extended period of time is difficult. This video is here as an informational resources that serves as a stepping stone to successful picks. Always make sure you do your own due-diligance, managing risk appropriately.

Resources in this video:

– Statistics Software: https://caanberry.com/in-running-trading-tool/
– Shortlist Page: https://caanberry.com/shortlist/
– Betting Strategy on YouTube: https://youtu.be/iL4rmbwFwEY

Trading courses mentioned: https://caanberry.com/trading-courses

Horse Racing tips are ten-a-penny online. The problem being; there is rarely any substance or method to how the selections were achieved. We’ve aimed to offer that bit more in this video so you can make your own mind up!

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This is an informational video about horse racing tips that work long-term.
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If you are betting on horse racing, then you have probably been given a tip at some point and it was probably on the favourite.

I’ve always been fascinated why favourites get so much attention in horse racing. Whenever people are betting or look at some sort of a betting strategy it nearly always takes about the favourite in a horse race.

However, things are not as straightforward as you would expect with a favourite in horse racing.

A normal betting market is distorted by the interest in the favourite and you can get false favourites.

So in this video, I examine what chance a favourite has or winning a race, how you can calculate this and what characteristics produce a true or false favourite.

If you are a Betfair trading, have a careful think about this information. Understanding the way a market is priced and why, will give you a much deeper understanding of the way it trades or may trade.

Betting activity tends to drive the underlying market, so anticipating that betting activity will help you become a better Betfair trader as well!


00:00 Introduction
00:52 Why does the favourite get the most attention
03:12 What chance does the favourite have of winning the next race?
05:31 Why do favourites only win 1/3rd of the time?
08:25 How do find the best favourites
11:50 Summary

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  1. ProhorseTips

    A man's gotta make at least one bet a day, else he could be walking around lucky and never know it

  2. Reed Zer0

    Horse racing is a very hard game for betting. But if you know what you are doing you can become rich

  3. Arris Gallandez

    interesting tips🙂

  4. Chris Williams

    Back stables in form .. TA DAA!!


    the longest travellers dont profit its that simple, i have tested this with trainers most travelled and with one runner, was crap

  6. mohsin_umar

    Thank you for the insight bro

  7. Ernie McCracken

    Too many horses dying from drugs and accidents. Santa Anita had 42 in the past year. I morally couldn't do it anymore but it sure was fun while it lasted.

  8. Mzwandile Maphanga

    Thanks for the training course, I wanted to understand horse betting and for some reason after watching your tutorial I profited on a few races 😅


    Where do you find the real time graphs like the one shown in the video that depict the real money vs. market moves Pre race on a given steed?

  10. usaejxf16

    Every time I watch this channel I hear him say 'Punter' – what is a Punter – is that like a Wanker?

  11. T Mitchell

    1:30 Whats the difference between surface and track?

  12. Sampath Priya

    What you're coming today.. He gives any good shots every Friday

  13. 2020 Onwards

    Easier said than done to find that 75% strike rate at evens price though innit Caan Man. Thanks for the video.

  14. Zak Lloyd

    Can do you have another link for the in running software?
    Whenever I click on caanberry link I just get two blue dots moving around but nothing more.

  15. Michael O'Halloran

    Very informative

  16. Xfinity 21

    If I like the name of the horse then I bet on it 🏇 lol

  17. spleeeen4it

    the other week i layed a 110/1 winner, a 75 /1 winner on the horses and two double figure priced winners on the dogs, on the same afternoon…if id put them in a win acca id have bagged thousands upon thousands…almost impossible to bet big priced winners but when you lay them strange things happen…Stopped gambling a week ago after years of heartache and nightmares and so glad i did. Good luck to those that make it pay.

  18. Danny boy

    Ok im im from ireland can somebody tell me a horse racing app that i can use please i really need to know

  19. Lubos Danis

    Morning Caan, loving the lay the horse in race strategy…only done 4 but yet to have a looser…however I look for value atm night before( gives me time to read up and shop around) and frankly exploit bookies for a bet( when I suspect their odds are overpriced) as the liquidity is not there on Betfair. I leave them to run, even though on the day they go down in price so I could lock in a profit (I do look out for R4's not to get caught out), question is…what is the rating at which I should just lay before the race? Already have one at 140%, some money have been matched at 160% so when would you cut this off pre-race

  20. Moota Moonta

    Ah the good old days of Methodmaker in the Handicap Book.

  21. Dick Lane

    Many thanks Peter, great help to a novice wannabe punter, are you stats just referring to flat racing ? Also to be successful do you have to bet only on the exchanges as I don’t fully understand that system ?

  22. El Astronaute

    All these things are taken into account in the betting so it doesn't give you any increased chance of winning or finding an edge. I think this sort of thing just throws people up dark alleys.

  23. edward kent

    Total utter nonsence….sell your products to the gullible like a double glazing salesman, favs have won a third of the time since the 18th century……why ? because they are not all even money, some are 10/1, some are 1/2……………i make 20,000 grand a months of idiots like this..and i'm not trying to sell you anything to do it…………pffff

  24. Hugh John

    And there was me thinking the fav was fav because that horse had the most money on it because it had the best form 😎

  25. Sukumaran Krishnamurthy

    I would like to know what difference it makes in running of a horse with different shoes like steel or Aluminum. Does it make a lot of difference in that horse winning that race? Whether it has significance in trainer using different shoes depending on distances or courses. This discussion is for horse races in India in different race courses like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Madras etc. I am from India. Hope you will find time to answer these queries. Thank you.

  26. Chilubah Kelly

    Interesting Tips, Favorites Tip and calculating its winning potential through dividing 1 by the betting Market. Really helpful.

  27. dreojs 55

    Thanks for the heads up. Handicapping ? would that be like if a horse had a weight handicap similar in the previous race and came in the top three would that be a positive or a negative

  28. Paul Morgan

    Is this a profitable betting strategy for the long term? If your backing the favourite your not really getting value odds. Any thoughts?

  29. M1k3

    Mate you are a genius!… I am now a student of yours 🙂

  30. Graham Beyer

    Have you split those stats into HCPs and Non HCPs to see what the difference would be?

  31. Quinton Williams

    Less goo

  32. Rusell Mirza

    Thank you very very much for your amazing amazing information sir

  33. Brian McCarthy

    So after watching and listening to this video, my assessment is to bet on the top three to win then a long shot in 2nd or 3rd to make some money?

  34. mick harrison

    When horses lose at odds of 1 to 20 on and more than a stone in hand, this is what punters are up against bent as fk.

  35. mick harrison

    Bookies and trainers make sure not many favs win, sometimes days are beyond belief with there corruption and deception.

  36. mick harrison

    What a bent game this is, actually not strong enough words to fully describe it, but most of us know the trainers mainly and jockeys make sure the bookies satchels are always full of your money, how they bet and get there money is much more scientific.

  37. Tom Leach

    Another variable which is helpful is pace … If u can find the only pace angle in the race u can do a back to lay trade…alot of the front runners/pace horses are the outsiders so u cud back at say 20/1 and maybe trade out at 5/1 for example and make a profit …pace and speed ratings can be very helpful

  38. Jenny Iedema

    Favourites can be very lucrative if you bet them for the place only cos they place 66 % of the time so don't bet to win, bet to place and take them as all ups. Easy. No need to worry about anything else. Don't bother with all those stupid calculations, by bettingthe favorite for the place you will make a fortune.

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