2022-2023 NFL Playoff Predictions!

The NFL Playoffs are about to start, so let’s do some playoff predictions and decide who will win the Superbowl!

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Today we’re Predicting the entire 2023 NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl 57 Winner.

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Throw away all the regular season statistics and ignore the final standings. The real games
begin now.

14 teams will meet in the quest for Super Bowl 57, but only one of them will still be standing
when all is said and done. Without further ado, we present our predictions for the entire NFL
postseason plus the winner of Super Bowl 57.

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  1. Richard Schaefer

    Good prediction with the bengals today

  2. Av3rage247Memes

    well saddly mahomes is injured and now bengals might go to kansas city if they pull off the win against buffalo i take the Bengals going to the Superbowl

  3. FarFromNormal:TV

    Better take the cowboys cause they slaughtered him.

  4. kornholigo

    Jag beat Chargers, NY beat Vikings

  5. tyler tosh

    Keep in mind the eagles defense is no slouch either, while the 49ers have 3 more ints. The eagles had 30 more sacks 17 ints and like 15 forced fumbles I think. Eagles also have 3 players over 1100 yards. AJ Brown, Miles Sanders, and Devonta Smith.

  6. How bout dem Cowboys

    Cowboys beat bucks 28-23

  7. How bout dem Cowboys

    Giants beat Vikings 31-24

  8. How bout dem Cowboys

    Bengals beat ravens 31-27

  9. How bout dem Cowboys

    Bills beat Dolphins 35-31

  10. How bout dem Cowboys

    49ers beat Seahawks 42-24

  11. How bout dem Cowboys

    Jags beat chargers 31-30

  12. Kane Jones

    My brother can you please update this line up……jags 31-30 chargers…. IJS

  13. David Farley

    If the Niners lose to the cheifs again in the Super Bowl I will NEVER follow football again

  14. ThemMetroKids1

    I'm going to agree to disagree yes you are and aren't right about one thing and that's, that the best QB goes and wins the sb also I feel like your picking teams like you said about my team (NYG) you like vikes because they have a better roster you ever heard the phrase DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS that's FACTS N ACCURATE when we beat Brady and the pats not once but TWICE in the SB even once when they were undefeated we were underdogs both times ppl said we shouldn't even be there then when we were there said it would be a easy blowout the reason we won both time wasn't because Eli was better then Brady but because our defense constantly pressured Brady and stopped him from scoring 30+ points like he did all season when you keep getting in the end zone you gain momentum and and get harder to stop but when you go 3 n out or struggle to keep getting first downs moving the chains it makes it difficult to win 2.) am I saying NYG go all the way ? Not at all but can we at very least beat MIN HELL YEAH for one our defense is better and ranked higher then them in almost every category AND we haven't even had all our starters on D in 1 game ALL year THIS is supposed to be our first game we do WITH Xavier McKenny coming back and hopefully our CB1 Adoree Jackson and hopefully Leonard Williams and Azeri ojulari we have a great chance at winning we blitz more then any team in nfl Kirk is like 4th worse an against the blitz now will adoree shut down Jefferson ? Not at all but can he slow him down and limit his production yes atleast more then any other corner on our team as far as cook Barkley is better then him atleast just as good golladay was a huge bust for us but we have no name practice squad players stepping up when needed hosgins has 4td in the past 5 games Richie Williams is also doing good and Daniel just played his best season yet had close to 1000 rushing yd and only 5 int it's not playoffs isn't always about what you do good but sometimes what you don't do bad all we had to do was freeze they're kicker and we went in ot what's the odds he makes 2 61 us FG in a row 🤔

  15. PenguinAndTheTwins

    God bless

  16. IGO5HOLE

    Massive upset prediction Seahawks win (Iam not a seashawks fan)

  17. KingBubbaGaming

    all the 49er fans watching this thinking, WE WERE SO CLOSE!!!!!

  18. suukbang

    Fly Eagles Fly!

  19. Marus Brown

    And swing and a miss there boss.

  20. Dogs are cracked

    I wish Bills won

  21. The Footballer

    This aged quickly

  22. Randy Johnson

    Cough,Cough, GO BIRDS!!!

  23. Mr. Packer

    The Bills didn't even make it to AFC Championship

  24. Zachary Mellinger

    It will not be Bills or 49ers, Bills didn't even make it to the Finals.

  25. It’s Luna - Here she is

    My man has too much on the Bills.

  26. Randy Johnson

    well this was just a flop

  27. Chopinfan R

    Lol everyone hates on the Bengals until it’s too late

  28. No Dinner For Sinners

    Wrong so wrong

  29. Douglas Acker

    You couldn't be more wrong. What stats are you reading?

  30. Grilth Vatore

    Fucking womp womp lmao.

  31. Top G christian

    Ha bengals bills ended very good for me bengals fan 27-10 of sorry

  32. Cody Manis

    Bengals had ither plans boy


    You kinda got the bengals game wrong bud .. who Dey

  34. Wade Carr

    Chiefs vs. 49ers (again) and the chiefs will win (again) 38 to 24. Btw the bills are out and you thought they would win.


    This is Joe Burrows year . cool is a getting a Ring mark it

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