Football season is finally here! Who’s winning the Super Bowl?

Stay tuned for my NFL Game Picks and Power Rankings in a few weeks, as well as my MLB Power Rankings on Mondays. I have some fun things planned for game picks this year to make them more engaging and competitive!


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  1. Coasterhocky Gaming Boy

    Imagine having a 10-7 record and being last in your division. I kinda feel bad for the Cardinals even though this isn’t real. The NFC West needs to CHILL
    Edit: WAIT all 4 NFC West teams made the playoffs. No wonder the other NFC standings were so bad

  2. Coasterhocky Gaming Boy

    Why the Eagles so low?

  3. Coasterhocky Gaming Boy

    How did you judge these?

  4. Coasterhocky Gaming Boy

    3:38 He kinda predicted the 1-7 then 9-8 thing with the Dolphins

  5. Coasterhocky Gaming Boy

    2:10 The Texans lost to the Jets 😂

  6. Coasterhocky Gaming Boy

    1:17 that is 100% upside down

  7. Coasterhocky Gaming Boy

    Joe Burrow returned from injury AND made the Super Bowl so the Bengals prediction did not age well

  8. RantzBizGroup

    BAHAHAHA, BAHAHAHA, the Seahawks… 🤣🤣😂😂😅

  9. Derrick Henry

    This aged well…

  10. Kalani Taylor

    We are 10-8 sorry for the raiders

  11. Fran Varga

    Your predictions were not too far off. Sorry, (not sorry) RAMS WIN IT ALL IN SOFI! Whose house? RAMS HOUSE!!!

  12. John Smith julieiaand 2

    He was off

  13. Christina May

    lar vs cin lar won the super

  14. max learning and gaming

    Nice try buddy

  15. katie Dillenburger

    The bengals lost in the super bowl and went 10 7

  16. Jack Stoecker

    Very good video to watch but bro it's obvious your a dolphins fan 😂😂😂

  17. CandyCaneVR

    bro the lions record is close if he tie the steelers

  18. 20th Century Fox Man 2002

    Rams won the Super Bowl

  19. Maxxon live streams

    Wrong about SP lol

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