2021 NFL Draft: Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Recap

Watch a recap of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2021 NFL draft picks and the excitement surrounding the class

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Take a look at some player profiles for the Steelers’ draft picks in the 2021 NFL Draft!


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  1. Two Times

    Harris,friermuth,loudermilk, n Norwood only rookies that got major potential along wit Harvin haven’t seen Johnson very much

  2. Dmeads 56

    So far we’re halfway through the season and this draft is looking like one of our best ever. Literally five full starters and a couple rotational guys who are looking good. Wow

  3. Christopher McLin

    literally all we needed was a run game

  4. a b

    COMPLETELY forgot about Quincy Roche

    I hope the coaching staff are able to make something out of him

  5. 4 HIS Glory

    Some of the “so called experts” got us finishing 4th in the division behind Cincinnati, let em sleep and hate on us. They was sleepin and hatin on us last year when we started out 11-0, let’s go Steelers! For the Lord’s glory !🖤💛✝️💛🖤

  6. JMaster98

    All these analysts think this was a bad draft. Wait till we hit the field

  7. Bigfoot270

    I was happy. They did well.

  8. Sno Man

    Pittsburgh got it together..my word💪 Let's go

  9. Pete

    All look like great picks addressing the Steelers needs, wish them all the best.

  10. Mr Green pants

    Should have drafted a QB pork belly bens arm fell off last year

  11. Shawn Peterson

    Great picks

  12. Daequan Knox

    I like all of our picks.

  13. Rick roll

    I’m a falcons fan but also a big Georgia tech fan so I’m happy y’all pick up Presley harvin since we don’t have the best team😂 good luck guys

  14. St3ler

    Imagine if Dwayne got better and then you got Harris next to him that would be awesome.

  15. Titan Up

    yessir 💛🖤💛🖤💛

  16. Joshua Orner

    I love the punter so much I will be interested in seeing him play

  17. Robert Alker

    I'm excited!!!

  18. TheFireOf1000Suns

    Great draft. Go Steelers!!!


    Freaking love this draft class

  20. Mr Green pants

    Nejee Harris is the next Trent Richardson

  21. Old Glory

    Sometimes I wonder how these guys get paid to talk about something they seem to be so ignorant about. 🏈😜

  22. Hector Zeroni

    They don't understand that these players will be turned into something that fits the offense and the Steelers are going to best utilize these players position versatility. Friermuth will become a blocker and more complete TE facts Najee I'd physical period.

  23. Randy Sixt

    Nice one, thanks!

  24. The Bambino

    GREAT DRAFT – especially Harris and the TANK of a punter they got from GT !! Jordan Berry better get ready to be CUT AGAIN !!

  25. Pbaby

    don’t compare him to mark ingram wtf mark ingram not a hof even close he is legit as big as dhenry almost n he’ll get more muscle in the nfl the fuck yall talking about and he can jump over people like shit


    Didn't care for the TE pick in round two. TEs usually have a steep learning curve and take a little bit more time to develop. We passed on a lot of good players at that spot that couldve contribute immediately

  27. Danny Jones

    I love the undrafted players we picked up especially shakur brown and mark Gilbert


    It's pathetic that you didn't even cover almost half of their 9 draft picks. You covered 5 picks and ignored 4. You skipped Buddy Johnson, Isaiah (is it really Isaiahh?) Loudermilk, Dan Moore Jr., and Pressley Harvin 3rd. Even if you did 100% on those 5, you get 5/9 on the test. That is 54.54% and it grades you out at an F. It changed a LIKE into a DISLIKE.

  29. William Archie

    Love every pick nice job Steelers ORG.

  30. Darius Fields

    Najee Harris reminds me of Saquan Barkley for no reason lmao

  31. NRG

    They skipped loudermilk

  32. Anthony Bowens

    I hope so man i really love this team…i wanted more o-line help the tightend was a good pick up

  33. RoNīN GaījīN

    Everybody worried about lofty comparisons. Get out of here, nobody cares.

  34. RoNīN GaījīN

    Comparing Najee Harris to Mark Ingram is ridiculous. He's closer to Derrick Henry. Derrick Henry wasn't thought to be very fast when he came out either.

  35. juan madrigal

    STEELERS need a real HC

  36. Tony Montana

    You lost me as soon as you said mark ingram Lmmfao bye

  37. Steelers World 1

    None of you know what you're talkin about.

  38. Greg Knepp

    Freiermuth isn't a good pass/run blocker??? Lol…I stopped watching after they said this…watch more film….quit reading off of your cards! Great pick, great overall draft for Pittsburgh!!! But I don't believe these guys know much of what or who there talking about….besides reading off of other sources inputs on these players pros and cons…lol

  39. Dragonfu666

    The Steel curtain is coming back. Ground and pound hard nose football is coming this year. As a Steelers fan, I'm stoked.

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