2021 NFL Draft: Breakdown of Patriots' Draft Picks | CBS Sports HQ

Take a look at some player profiles for the Patriots’ draft picks in the 2021 NFL Draft!


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  1. michael kitchen

    Very underrated draft I think the best draft this year for any team

  2. michael kitchen

    Very underrated draft I think the best draft this year for any team

  3. Carol Phillips

    I wanted NE Patriots to trade for Gardner Minchew this offseason. I think the player is undervalue, he really a good qb. Look at his highlight if you dont believe me, he has 37 td to 11 Interception ratio, not bad for a player who lack a run game in 23 games started.

  4. Carol Phillips

    I be honest I like Matt Jones alot, The part that surprises me is Cam Newton is this team starting qb again. Cam Newton was a disaster last year, maybe Patriots want to evaluate him with better talent around him

  5. Patrol Masters

    Brady Quinn compares Mac Jones to A.J. McCarron??? I'd compare him to Tom Brady.

  6. Cam

    Mac Jones is way better than AJ Mccarron you clown

  7. Mike Jones

    This just in: The NE Patriots drafted a player who has never been suspended for drug testing.

  8. kenny Doherty

    mac jones is like 55 times better than AJ Maccarron

  9. PhillyG

    We NEED another WR. Nelson Agholor is not enough. We need to go after Julio.

  10. Chris Edward

    CBS is fake news.

  11. Tom Brady's Burner Account

    I got upset with people comparing Mac Jones to me, but comparing him to someone who has only played 17 games in 7 seasons is disrespectful

  12. Playmakersc12 K

    Stevenson has me excited! Hopefully we can get that dominate running game again

  13. P

    Saying he cant improve arm strength when his body looks the way it does, doesnt make sense..

  14. D News

    Maccaron isn't even in the same stratosphere as Mac Jones. AJ holds the ball until it's too late to be holding the ball. Mac has made 2 reads before AJ even looks up.

  15. Cory Riordan

    Gunna be a good season.

  16. David Hopkins

    Great draft for the Pats. They'll be in the hunt for a playoff spot this season.

  17. Hayd

    The idiot talking about Mac Jones. Lack of mobility=weakness…lol…news flash, the last quarterback to win the Super Bowl is the least mobile quarterback in history. Watch some football before you speak. Yo Pats fans, it’s been a while since we’ve cared about a draft. I’m excited for the 2021 season. Ring #7!!!

  18. Tucson Christian Ministries

    A bunch of Lies!!!! Mac Jones had less talent than Tua. Every single great team has talented players everywhere. Mac Jones was the most accurate QB 77% completion rate the best ever. He had the highest QBR in history too. It is a Lie that he has a weak arm. He easily and accurately throws the football in the air for 50+ yards. He can make every pro throw.

  19. A K

    I always felt like Mcaaron couldve been successful if he got the opportunity in Cincy, he showed a lot of potential in his playoff run

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