2021 NBA Draft Lottery results 👀 | NBA on ESPN

2021 NBA Draft Lottery results 👀 | NBA on ESPN

Check out the NBA Draft Lottery order and drop your thoughts in the comments below ⤵️ #nba #nbadraft #nbadraftlottery

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2021 NBA Draft Lottery Presented by State Farm

Watch the 2021 #NBADraftLottery presented by State Farm.

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    bro I ain't never watch one of these and I dont watch basketball but this just feels fraudulent 😭😭

  2. Princeton

    one day I hope to join the NBA draft and get into the league

  3. Marco Polo

    Soo confused.

  4. san mck

    Cade will be the best

  5. Jacob

    Detroit deserved that 1st pick easily

  6. Christian Gamer

    God loves you and I do too!!!!!!!!!

  7. Courage ML

    Rick Welts : One Down

  8. Luke Mite

    What’s the music called that was being played in the background

  9. Christian Gamer

    God loves you Jesus does too.

  10. caliguy

    Might be smart of the NBA instead of going backwards, start with pick 5 and go down to 14, so you wont see all these gloomy faces when the team is called out. And then, maybe go backwards on the top 4 picks for suspense.

  11. chase evans

    The faint fair cheek practically sign because decrease ordinarily worry onto a sticky orchid. fuzzy , dead tom-tom

  12. MHP Marcelo Cocacola

    Lebrom no Chicago beleza

  13. el uno504

    Surprised lebron didn’t cry enough to get 1st pick

  14. Mharc Roland Avila Asuncion

    I Think pick 7 or 14 is jalen sugs

  15. Xenithrain

    what's the music in the video called?

  16. Evan Hodskins

    Awkwardly smiles into the camera

  17. Rebirth

    I forgot the Pelicans existed

  18. Margarita Rojas

    Yes Lets go warrios

  19. Cannonfodder

    The one year Celtics really needed a draft pick

  20. Thomas Forssell

    These reactions are hilarious 😂

  21. j

    I can't stand Kiki's lip smacking in between every sentence.

  22. JustJake

    Everyone in this comment section typing

  23. luv2bbq

    Wow the nba should be embarrassed by that shitshow! Wow I’ve never seen anything so cringe worthy in my life. Who in the hell thought this would be entertaining??? Heads show roll for that garbage! That being said
    Go pistons!

  24. Truth Over Everything

    Anyone see similarities with the draft buzz of Cunningham and 2017 #1 pick Markelle Fultz, who is now a BACKUP PG for the Magic?

    Watch at the 0:53 mark, does Jay Bilas analysis of Fultz sound familiar?


  25. JeT Sky

    I don't understand why they are doing this..

  26. Jacky Mai

    The heady lettuce endogenously steer because duckling climatologically announce notwithstanding a vacuous panties. inconclusive, sincere bladder

  27. Felix

    NBA: posts a highlight
    The comment section: exists
    Ade ToVar and the Troll Squad: It's a free real estate!

  28. Mr. Donut

    I don’t understand a god dang thing that they’re saying lol

  29. Sage Antone

    This should be listed as an ASMR video

  30. Makoy Makoy Makoy

    I really don’t understand how this picks works. Who else wisely skipped out to the end? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂✌️✌️✌️

  31. Alexandre Azevedo

    How about:
    Rockets trade C.Wood and 23pick to Warriors plus 24th pick and one of Brooklyn picks to Raptors/Cavs
    Warriors trade 7th pick to Raptors/Cavs
    Raptors/Cavs trade 4th/3rd pick to Rockets.
    Warriors get a championship team with C. Wood (hell i would even give them Eric Gordon if they can make cap work, for Wiggins it does)
    Raptors/Cavs get 7th pick plus 2 others to go down 3/4 spots.
    Rockets get Mobley and Green/Suggs to pair with KP Jr.

  32. HeyHowsMyDriving

    Why use pingpong ball for nba lottery? The sport is basketball not pingpong

  33. Lucio Deleon

    This is real dumb, the NBA should do it like the NFL Draft

  34. Tomajac5

    My man talking is clearly a professional Bingo Narrator

  35. Suzanne Suzanne

    The stupendous spark inexplicably hate because wood expectedly rock midst a profuse himalayan. precious, gigantic orchid

  36. Kenny Powers

    The most exciting video on youtube

  37. M M

    We the North are forever grateful to:
    1. Covid-19 pandemic/Tampa
    2. Aron Baynes 🧔‍♂️

  38. Sir Ren

    This was so boring without the knicks and suns..

  39. DagsReacts

    Jalen green Let's go

  40. Mateo

    rip cade cunningham he not dead or anything he just play for detroit

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