2013 NBA Draft

Notable picks from the 2013 NBA Draft.

0:01 Anthony Bennett
1:11 Victor Oladipo
2:12 Otto Porter Jr.
3:21 Cody Zeller
4:33 Alex Len
5:39 Nerlens Noel
6:37 Ben McLemore
7:47 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
8:55 Trey Burke
9:54 C.J. McCollum
11:14 Michael Carter-Williams
11:58 Steven Adams
13:00 Kelly Olynyk
13:23 Shabazz Muhammad
13:57 Giannis Antetokounmpo
15:22 Tony Snell
16:27 Mason Plumlee
17:30 Tim Hardaway Jr.
18:21 Nemanja Nedovic (David Stern’s final draft pick announcement)
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  1. Giannis akumpo

    Giannis antetoukoumpo is now a back to back mvp, NBA champion, finals MVP, DPOY and an 8 time all star I believe

  2. black star

    where is now

  3. Billy Hangman

    14:29 he really did have unlimited potential

  4. melonbreaker72

    everyones on giannis i came for gobert

  5. Garen nashor

    No one would ever know in 2013 he is the future mvp

  6. Mr. Irrelevant

    1 PF Anthony Bennett- Cavaliers
    2 SG Victor Oladipo- Magic
    3 SF Otto Porter Jr.- Wizards
    4 C Cody Zeller- Timberwolves
    5 C Alex Len- Suns
    OK (borderline bust)
    6 PF Nerlens Noel- Pelicans
    7 SF Ben McLemore- Kings
    8 SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope- Pistons
    9 SG Trey Burke- Timberwolves
    10 SG CJ McCollum- Trail Blazers
    11 PG Michael Carter-Williams- 76ers
    OK (for 11 it's a success)
    12 C Steven Adams- Thunder
    13 C Kelly Olynyk- Mavericks
    OK (success for 13)
    14 SF Shabazz Muhammad- Jazz
    15 PF Giannis Antetokounmpo- Bucks
    16 SG Tony Snell- Bulls
    SUCCESS (barely)
    17 C Mason Plumlee- Nets
    SUCCESS (barely)
    24 SG Tim Hardaway Jr.- Knicks

  7. Heizter

    Milwakee got lucky

  8. Ternedo

    Cleveland should’ve drafted Victor Oladipo for sure

  9. Jayjay Caluza

    Giannis is so humble not sitting on the tables were many expecting to draft sat
    Giannis just sit on the bleacher now he's one of the goat

  10. KOBE🥊

    Giannis is the best one

  11. Michael Doidge

    Here after Giannis won the championship with the bucks

  12. Benhann Thomas

    Giannis must be no.1 but he would not win bucks championship, if not 15th pick

  13. Ty E

    No wonder why miami so garbage they have no picks in this draft

  14. Ty E

    Plumlee ganis and cj was a steal

  15. Johnschan

    I died of laughing in the 15th pick david stern slowed😂😂

  16. Hans From Congo

    Just watching this whole draft makes me realise how historically bad this draft was the only player who would not be considered a bust in that top 10 would be Oladipo but even he was not good or never really settled down at a team until he reached his third team.

  17. Ty

    Giannis is really carrying tf outta this class. One of the worst draft classes ever

  18. C.A.L 5

    What if Cavs picked Giannis then after 2years they'll gonna plays together with Lebron

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