20 Funny Moments That You Have Never Seen Before

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Football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and more!
Instant Regret, Craziest “Why Do This To Yourself?” Moments in Sports !!!
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1 in a Million Moments
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  1. Dan Koning

    No channel seems as dedicated as this one, when it comes to purposefully showing women in a sexual light. I pray they realize this fact soon:

    “Whoever causes one of the least of these who believes in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he was

    cast into the sea" [Mark 9 v42]. Btw, this kind of godless influence and their results are evident everywhere today. Truth is a stubborn thing.

  2. abdulbasit

    Most weren't funny.

  3. MJD 1985 Broken Hearted Soul

    Some of them are like OUCH 😓 😢

  4. S༙E༙X༙🔞

    My list: Top 10 to watch this 2023 (exciting f.Ls/active series)
    10-Into the Night
    9-Witcher: Blood Origin
    8-Vikings Valhalla
    7- Lost in Space
    6-Black Summer
    5-Mandalorian S3
    4- Shadow and Bones
    2-House of the Dragons
    1-The Last of Us

  5. Real Members TV

    watching this high asf 🤣

  6. TheRealBambihooves

    These are awesome! 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Mathias Schutte

    Amazing talent

  8. Редко Метко

    not funny

  9. Daniel Toscano


  10. Herman Turnip

    "Funny." I don't think that word means what you think it means.

  11. Keith Lamb

    And that is why woman soccer does not make as much as men soccer(3:27)

  12. Michael Melzer

    Funny?? What's funny here?

  13. Iwa kartiwa Iwa kartiwa

    All sport 👍👍

  14. Scott Freckle

    I have seen every single one of these before

  15. Stephen Meier

    I've never had the first comment before. I'd like to thank my coach, my team, my parents,

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