10 Sports Betting Tips to Make Better Sports Picks in 2022

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10 Sports Betting Tips to Make Better Sports Picks in 2021

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  1. Action Backers

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  2. Frank Rizzo

    Sound advice

  3. Big Underdog

    Yes this is very helpful. 1/10 ain't looking so bad

  4. gameplayer1980

    +1 to the "don't play in the casino" point. I just did that last week and gave back all I won that day and then some…

  5. mark jacobs

    great advice, good video man…THANKS

  6. Tarek Clown

    Is there a bet choice 50/50 percentage to win for example: (who will win in football match Barcelona or real madrid, if i bet on bacelona, but Real Madrid wins i will lose my money, if barcelona wins i will double my money.)

  7. Mark Johnson Mari

    Nice Advice. This Works 👌

  8. taylor Jams

    Sports betting is almost the only gambling I'll do. Lottery tickets, slots, etc. Are about as good as lighting the cash on fire, except the fire will atleast give you warmth. My friend won $250k on a scratch off and i still think they are a waste of money. Lol.


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  14. Himanshu Makkar

    Very good points

  15. Ruth doughlas

    meeting lisa_upfx at l'. G initiate the beginning of my trading career. I thought forex was a rocket science but the way she simplified it just made me rethink. You are the best @lisa_upfx

  16. David Anctil

    Just started my first bet yesterday and won on my first MLB game, I play roulette and have done very well using various systems I have.. I never thought I would consider Sports betting, but im intregued by it.. I understanding bankroll preseveration and I have been tracking all my play every day for years now.. I would just like to understand HOW to determine what maybe a good bet! without the studing of the teams playing..I dont know if thats even possible but, being a Hockey fan! I would like to recieve your hockey picks.

  17. xNaTioNaL

    Your logic on betting the money line then betting the run line has to be the worst logic ever.
    You risk a lot more doing that.
    You place a 100$ on the money line win 62.50
    Then you take the +/- 1.5 & bet the 62.50 & neither of those happen you literally lost 62.50.
    If you’re not confident against the spread just do the money line. If a team is more than -145 it’s not even worth the bet

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