10 Football Daily Predictions For 2022!

10 Football Daily Predictions For 2022!

10 Football Daily Predictions For 2022!

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Happy New Year! To kick off 2022, we’ve put together ten predictions for the coming twelve months! From Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe’s next destinations, to the winners of the Qatar World Cup and the race for Champions League qualification, we’re sticking our necks out here – let us know what you think of our predictions in the comments!

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  1. Edis Mujanovic

    “Honor his fathers legacy by playing in the premier league” I would rephrase this as “and playing for his old club” considering Haaland’s father played for city as well..

  2. alex B

    Take poch united, we don't want ten Hag to leave anyway!!

  3. Gerard monaghan

    Will Everton b relagated

  4. Nishanth Pillai

    My one prediction is BVB win the europa league and hence Haaland will stay.

  5. F D

    Nah Erik ten haag to united

  6. Antony hunt

    England win the world cup🏆🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  7. Scotty

    Milan will win Serie A

  8. Yassin Games

    Haaland will going Manchester City 💙💙

  9. Jon

    I cannot see any highly-rated younger manager risking their reputation with the Utd poison chalice – that job has already slain some seasoned greats.
    Utd will probably be better to seek a less high-profile manager with a clear philosophy and back him, but the Utd board know nothing about football so that won't happen.

  10. Teggers

    germany or england to win the world cup

  11. Mikael

    HaLaNd AnD MbApPe To ReAl MaDrId ScReEnShOt ThIs 💩💩💩

  12. prizefighter

    Haland and mbappe to real Madrid screenshot this

  13. Tristan Olsen

    US will go the furthest theyve ever gotten in World Cup, my guess is either quarter or semi-finals

  14. Matheus Meneghin

    As a Brazilian, have to say we are no where near favourites to win World Cup, manager is OK but not world class, missing the vital CMs as we only have good CDMs but not other midfield positions which are amazing, there was Arthur but he needs to pick up his form and be Good as he was 1st season at barça, and we have no Good Striker LB and RB, this is one of the worst Brasil teams I’ve seen and it truly saddens me to say that we aren’t favourites😢 still supporting and hoping we can perform a miracle and win though

  15. Patrick Youtube

    Sons form is key to Spurs season (as an FPL manager)

  16. cderbyshire6

    who’s doing this voiceover i can’t work it out lol

  17. Coop

    Spain and Germany can only dream about WC lol

  18. Grave Mike

    The Allegri prediction is on crack certified

  19. Lights Out

    Poch isn’t a world class coach though 🤡

  20. Armand Van Der Watt

    Arsenal to be back In champions league

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