#1 recruiting class of all time… NCAA Football 14 RCU Moon Men Dynasty (S4 OFFSEASON)

Welcome back to Rocket City! NCAA College Football 14 Dynasty is back on the channel! I show off our custom created RCU teambuilder dynasty team. We are ranked in the top 25! It is the offseason and I get the best recruiting class in my channels history. We say goodbye to Owusu! I expanded the college football playoff aka the CFP! We built them in the mod called CFB Revamped. RCU Moon Men are back!

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  1. April.Haunta

    I love this mod, Josh Merrill is 6’7 but “never put in the work” and is buried on the bench.

  2. Henry Peterson

    I will miss tons of players especially dicks-in-butts

  3. Luke Steinman

    move one of the new running backs to WR. don’t need to move tyreek😔😔

  4. Matthew Smith

    The extra edits highlighting the skill you're talking about is a nice touch

  5. Spencer Roberson

    Noooo Tyreek earned the qb spot



  7. sand k

    Tyreek deserves to be QB1

  8. Jacob Kroehler

    no more dixon buttz 😢

  9. Tim Sylvester

    Tyreek earned his job he needs it back

  10. TLuv_66

    I think moving Parish to WR was a good move. The new QB has much higher throw power and will be a better passer. You can still mix it up and throw Parish at QB for wildcat and option plays.

  11. Brandon Holsinger

    Man I would have loved to see Parish's traits at QB after offseason


    Tyreek Parish playing receiver after dominating is laughable lol

  13. Donald Walts

    Unneed fact of the day, there is a Ford dealership in Florida named Brandon Ford. It was North America's #1 volume Ford dealer in 2019 and 2020. MVP Season incoming for Brandon Ford.

  14. SLH Vids

    Bro Your The Funniest YouTube Ever You’ve Made Me Laugh The Hardest I’ve Ever laughed in your earlier vids Like “vr football games and the ninja warrior and stuff” I am definitely subscribed u are awesome man❤

  15. Tay Lucas

    “Let’s get weird” 😂 great vid drewski

  16. Clutch X

    I’ve been watching since your first RCU video. Keep up the grind, this series is amazing

  17. Shaun King

    I love the pace of these videos. There’s beauty in the struggle 🙌🏾

  18. Drew Landy

    Great content!

  19. Saul Munoz

    Parish can be your Taysom Hill

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