[HINDI] Weightloss Journey Sucess Tips

[HINDI] Weightloss Journey Sucess Tips

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Keep your goals to yourself

Weightloss is something that everyone wishes for but what does it really take to be successful. Consistency is the key. Keep working towards the goal you will be successful. In this video i am sharing all the things which helped to lose the weight i hope that it ll help somebody.





The first and foremost thing is to create a goal if you dont have a goal you can be directionless. This is a very important aspect for being successful at weightloss. If you dont know what you want, how will you do it. Creating realistic goals are also important dont create unrealistic goals like 10Kgs in 10 days which is highly impossible.

The 3 Week Diet

Stay Dedicated n Eat BIG Lift BIG!
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Easy Natural Weight Loss remedies // Heath tips with Urdu Garden

In this video we are sharing few weight loss tips in urdu hindi , which are very easy to practice from your own home on regular basis. These all are natural tips of loosing weight and keeping your body healthy and active.

Health Tips:

1. Exercise or walk are vital to maintain wait and good health.
2. At least 500 ml citrus juices a day greatly helps in wait reduction.
3. Lemon Water before breakfast and after dinner and maximum usage of lemon burns fats.
4. Cook few leaves of cabbage and boil it in water to drink twice a day.
5. Add few leaves of original green tea, half inch piece of cinnamon stick, small piece of ginger, few black seeds (klongi), 2 table spoons lemon juice and 1 teaspoon original honey in one and a half cup of water. Cook it till half cup of water is dried. Take twice a day for wait loss.
6. Eat salad and drink water before and between meal. Chew more and eat slowly. Avoid drinking water after meal.
7. Always take heavy protein breakfast. Take small meals like carrot, cucumber, radish juices or fruits after every 3 hours in order to avoid big meals.
8. Take light and early dinner.
9. Use olive oil for cooking and brown flour for roti instead.
10. One inch of cottage piece once a day helps in burning fats.
11. Take chaats, salads and black channay to fulfill craving instead of cookies and other snacks.
12. Avoid refrigerated water.

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