Healthy Weight Loss Journey (First Video)

I will be documenting my health journey and also providing some health tips along the way. Letting you know what systems I’m using and also my opinion on healthy food items I like…. Thank you friends and I hope you join me along my health journey….
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HOW I LOST 60 LBS IN 7 MONTHS: My Vegan Weight Loss Journey

I lost 60 lbs in 7 months without exercise or counting calories. I simply followed a plant-based diet and I have been able to keep that weight off. I did all of this while transitioning my young family of SIX to a plant-based lifestyle as well (including toddlers). Here, I show you how my vegan weight loss journey started and invite you to follow along as I start the next phase of my journey.


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The plant-based lifestyle isn’t just for young twenty-somethings with all the time and money in the world. REAL FAMILIES with multiple kids at multiple ages and a tight budget can do this. It just takes a bit of planning and research, just like with anything else that truly matters to you. We are living proof of that!

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