Weight Loss Journey// What Should I Do When I Plateau ? Tips For A Easy Faster Weight Loss Journey

When your losing weight you start off strong and all the sudden you plateau but do not worry I have some tips for you guys to get out of that rut you are in now!
And i’m telling you these will help you get back to it! Just keep in mind how far you have come and do not give up!

What can you do when your plateauing ?

1. You need to change your workouts.. Why? because your body is getting too use to the same workouts. You need to switch it up!

a. change your speed/ how hard your going at the gym ( example ; if you are on the treadmill going speed 3.0 and incline 7.0 go up a couple go to 3.5 and try 10.00 incline !)

b. pick a different machine ! If you are doing cardio! Change your machine!! Go on the bike or the stairmaster!

c. Change how many times your going to the gym. Go the gym at a different time and or go to the gym more often.

2. Adjust your calorie intake As you are losing weight, your metabolism changes it may drop because your body needs less calories or energy to help you after you have already lost weight. Which means you need to change your calorie intake to meet your current body needs. ‘

The 3 Week Diet

A little tip from my fitness pal. Change your calorie goal on my fitness pal or any app for weight loss every 10 pounds or so.

3. Increase muscle mass. You need to start lifting more weights! When you lift you are also burning more calories !

4. Eat more protein: when you eat protein you burn more calories while your eating and breaking down the food.

5. Sleep! You need to make sure you are sleeping a full night rests because when you sleep it resets your hormones. And you don’t want to have crazy hormones when your trying to lose weight TRUST ME!

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