My Weight Loss Journey: Low-Carb Or Low-Fat, Both Diets Work

I just wanted you to know that you will lose weight whether you eat a low-carb or low-fat diet…..the only difference is that with low-carb, your body burns fat for energy, and low-fat burns carbs for energy. Just pick one and get started.
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Weigh-In #1 | Weight Loss Journey | Transformation | Before and After

Started my weight loss journey last week. Did great and lost 4lbs! Very excited to see before and after photos of this transformation. Spring is around the corner would love to feel comfortable in my own skin and have a bikini body.

Also working on self-love and being body positive. It’s incredibly freeing to be yourself and not hide anything including fat on these vlogs.

Thankful for the online community we have, it’s amazing what the internet has done and how it affects our lives. Please do subscribe to follow along as I continue to weigh in every friday, show what I eat in a day, diet meal plans, workout routines, how to lose weight fast etc.

Hope you are having a great week!


The 3 Week Diet

W E I G H T – L O S S – S T A T S:

☆Starting Weight: 151.4LBS (Mar 13, 2017)
☆Todays Weight: 148.2LBS (Mar 17, 2017)
☆Goal Weight: 120LBS (First Goal)


M U S I C – C R E D I T:

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