My Weight Loss Journey: Change Your Life Diet Q&A Live On Periscope Episode 001

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My first Q&A Live on Periscope … talking about my weight loss journey and answering questions. Hope You Enjoy!

My goal is to share my weight loss tips with you so that you can lose weight FAST … and keep it off permanently! I personally lost 50lbs in 8 weeks and have maintained the weight loss for over 7 years … and I would love for you to have the same results! Try my methods and see how fast and easy you lose weight. Let me know how your results turn out and feel free to ask me your questions in the comments section below!

The 3 Week Diet

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This Is OUR Chance 2 Brothers 1 Plan 100lb Weight Loss Journey Week 50

The 3 Week Diet

Our Chance… In This Week’s 100lb Weight Loss Journey, we discuss how Krayton is going to continue his fitness journey and how he will improve his diet to lose weight. We also discuss how it can be easier than people think to lose weight. A slight drop in calories can produce significant results in regards to weight loss and body composition. Finally, Krayton explains how he should get back on track after the holidays, to get his fat burning workouts and fat loss diet plan back to where they need to be to continue his weight loss journey.
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