My Weight Loss Journey: Change Your Life Diet Q&A Live On Periscope Episode 001

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My first Q&A Live on Periscope … talking about my weight loss journey and answering questions. Hope You Enjoy!

My goal is to share my weight loss tips with you so that you can lose weight FAST … and keep it off permanently! I personally lost 50lbs in 8 weeks and have maintained the weight loss for over 7 years … and I would love for you to have the same results! Try my methods and see how fast and easy you lose weight. Let me know how your results turn out and feel free to ask me your questions in the comments section below!

The 3 Week Diet

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Healthy Weight Loss for Permanent Change Supplements

Healthy Weight Loss for Permanent Change Supplements

Healthy Weight Loss & Transformation
Managing weight seems to be a constant challenge and struggle for many. Every day you hear of new “wonder” products that will take the weight off “in days” or the grueling and difficult solutions of “no pain no gain.” Even with all these solutions, our society, and maybe even you, do not seem to be able to get the weight off and most importantly keep it off.

Youngevity® has an entirely new approach to weight loss. First, we do not care about weight, we only care about fat. Fat is the toxic element of the body that not only is a precursor to illness and disease, but it’s also the element that keeps you from managing your weight. Second, Youngevity® believes that fat loss is a result of being healthy, not the other way around. When your body is fully nourished, when it has the optimal foods, calories, and nutrients it needs, it gains such a level of health and wellness that ridding the body of excess fat becomes simple. And lastly, Youngevity does not believe in diets, short-term programs, or methods that are unsustainable, we believe in healthy, safe, positive lifestyles.

The Youngevity® system to losing fat and maintaining the level of optimal health is what the Youngevity® Transformation Experience is about.

The Transformation Experience is a lifestyle program that is designed to focus on fat loss using Youngevity nutritional supplements, a well rounded, healthy nutritional program, and a support system that will allow you to share and receive support through your amazing Transformational journey!

If you’re looking for “30lbs in 2 weeks” or “quick fix” solutions that only focus on weight-loss (mostly from water, muscles, and bones), then you’ve come to the wrong place.

Youngevity Transformation Experience

The 3 Week Diet

The Youngevity® Transformation Experience is a Transformation (defined as: changing shape dramatically unable to return to original form) and Experience (defined as: a connection and relationship that an individual has with a situation).

It’s time you enjoy the journey back to health and realize that once you’ve been Transformed, there is no way to go back!

Youngevity® Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak™
Youngevity® Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak™ is a revolutionary weight loss Pak™ that focuses on releasing excess fat stores, enhancing your metabolism, and delivering immediate impactful results. The Pak™ provides the body with the ultimate 90 essential nutrients, 90 For Life™, using the (3) products of the Healthy Body Start Pak™ along with ASAP™, a powerful, homeopathic set of nutrients that deal with the three main causes of excess fat storage; stress, poor metabolism, and detoxification.

Most weight loss systems are primarily made up of dangerous stimulants, harmful appetite suppressants, or nutrients that dehydrate the body and leave you deficient. The Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak™ works

*These statements in text and video have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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