What Should I Eat Before Or After I Workout? [Weight Loss Tips]

What should I eat before or after I workout? What a great question that is. As many people put in the hard work of doing an exercise. However, only then, to go on and ruin it by eating bad foods.

This simply means, that further down the line you will not see any improvements, at all. Or very little. No, you really need to eat the correct kinds of foods to keep yourself healthy. Moreover, to make the most out of your exercise efforts.

Firstly, BEFORE you workout, you need to take in some fast acting carbohydrates. And also some proteins. However, if you are going to work out within an hour of waking up. Then you will need to eat fewer calories. This is so that you do not bloat up or feel that you have that extra weight to deal with.

If you are going to workout however, after let us say, 2-3 hours. Then your body will have more time to digest any calories so you can get away with eating a few more. But, seriously, do not go mad. Try eating some of the foods in the list that I will give to you below.

Go to this link please. Here you will find a couple of lists of healthy foods that you CAN eat, for sure.

A List Of Healthy Foods To Lose Weight

Foods To Lose Weight Fast

You should go on and eat these foods regularly as they will only do good and help you.

Therefore, that is the BEFORE workout foods. Now we move onto the AFTER.

The food that you eat after your workout is equally as important as the food that you eat before hand.

So far, do you understand me?

Go into this link to see some more healthy foods to choose from.

A List Of Foods To Help You lose weight

The 3 Week Diet


The Best Foods To Eat And Lose Weight Fast

Because, if you have done a hard workout. Then you will need to fuel your body for repairing itself.

For this, therefore, again, you need to eat carbohydrates and protein foods. But you are even better to go for COMPLEX carbohydrates.

Food Examples For Before The Workout

Oatmeal, maybe with the slow release carbohydrate of a banana.

And After The Workout

You can try something like a protein shake. Or, as a matter of fact. If you are not a vegetarian, you can have a whey protein isolate shake.

That is actually very good drink to have. And quickly starts to repair the damages of the tissues of which exercise is the cause.

If you feel that you do not yet wish to join a gym. Whatever the reason maybe. Then, there are some great pieces of home gym fitness equipment you can have. Go to this link following.

Home Gym Fitness Equipment USA

If you are in the UK. Then I strongly say that you should look at the next link.


Finally, in conclusion to this short post. I say once more, that the foods you eat really do matter. Just follow the guides put in the links and you will be healthier and slimmer in no time at all.

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