Who will challenge Man City next year? 🏆 | Keane, Carra and Micah debate

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Roy Keane, Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards discuss who will challenge for the Premier League title next season.

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After Roma’s defeat to Sevilla in the Europa League final, English referee Anthony Taylor and his family encountered harassment from a gathering of Roma fans at Budapest Airport on Thursday.

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  1. 1Deag Wonder

    De gea has been amazing historically for manu, if it weren't for him they would have lost so much more badly.

  2. 1Deag Wonder

    I dont have as much confidence in chelsea.

  3. tsering sherpa

    these muggs beside supporting thier own team they dont see arsenal theyll see us again next season

  4. 220 Pug

    Well united won't
    be competing for the league next year i think that's absolutely nuts to suggest that

  5. Muhammad Faiq Abdullah

    Yeah yeah..and how many teams did these so-called experts have managed?

  6. wildmanmike100

    Pundits talking out their arsenal. Forget a young, already established team now with the experience of a title run-in. If United get Kane, then maybe. Otherwise, it's City or Arsenal again. Chelsea don't even have a team, and Liverpool lost their spark in Mane. Gengen press circa 2019 – 2021 ain't suddenly gonna reappear next season except serendipitously.

  7. Starz Galaxy

    Liverpool will go again next season, they are the only ones who can keep up with city, nunez needs to step up next season

  8. steve mlango

    Chelsea is very far from being a great team. A new manager is no guarantee for automatic great performance.

  9. Jack Moulds

    I love the hatred keane has for de gea no matter what he does keane wants him out 😂😂😂

  10. Robert mueller

    This was not a debate, this was a repeat of every year, carra says Liverpool Keane and Gary say United 😴

  11. Kalela

    If Arsenal manages to add one or two solid midfielders and one other attacker, they will definitely be a very dangerous team to play against. Maybe another versatile defender who can cover one of the fullback positions and at the back would be required. Rice, Caicedo, Ugarte, etc should be their targets. If those three are too expensive then Morten Hjulmand would be a good signing.

  12. Harry Fisher

    What’s Roy Keane slandering de gea for most capped Man Utd keeper?

  13. Gaetano.

    Arsenal has great coach and amazing team in my opinion

  14. iXi SHOGUN iXi

    Chelsea top 4 and challenging? What the heck Micah 😅😅 they will again one day but on the evidence of last season I think it’s a lot to ask! Top 6 should be the initial goal for Poch’ and push on from there the following season

  15. Juda

    Arsenal all the way

  16. Kevin Smith

    Chelsea top 4?

  17. Warren G

    One of the best goalkeepers of all time, he's ok, lol. You make me laugh, Roy

  18. British Modified

    So Micah chose man city
    Carra choose prickpool
    Keane chose man United

    Hope you're all ready for this shock 😂

  19. Luke De Col

    Newcastle will be there. They was they have gone about things should be a serious eye opener to some of these so called big sides. Expect us to be seriously challenging over the next 3 years

  20. Eric Byrne

    Your a united fan ? Mr Arsenal your not getting respect because your serial bottlers and why are you lying about been a United fan ! 2nd United ,3rd Newcastle , 4th Chelsea !

  21. Izu

    Anthony Taylor is the most nonsense Ref i have seen in my life but He didn't do much wrong on this match

  22. Richard Marlow

    Surely these officials should have private flights.

  23. Gaz of-the-North

    Roma should be banned from next years tournament otherwise this kind of behaviour will continue

  24. Juan Carlos Jaramillo Paz

    UEFA is Ready to panich Maurinho but don't panich Anthony Taylor to mess up the game corrupt ref and UEFA agree with the bad decision this dodgy ref .

  25. Mike

    the best way to defend this lad is getting him out of the sport

  26. Ged Mason

    Referees should endure this week in week out in the premier league. Nice one Roma fans nice one jose

  27. Alex Ushakou

    Sadly Jose degraded not only as a manager, but also as a person. What a disgrace

  28. Hambridge Chisawa

    English referee's this is one of the reasons you don't officiate at World cup awful always Bravo José like him or hate him he has won everything in Europe personally to prove FA wrong

  29. eirenua ireland

    Arrest the little man mourinho.

  30. EspieJaz

    I thought the referees got every decision correct to be honest, the Roma fans are just butthurt that they didn't get every decision.

  31. Nyonya andrew


  32. house ofblues

    referee mob we know mafia exists and anthony is part of it

  33. Maahito Matsumoto

    He stabbed romas heart. He deserved death.

  34. The Irish Wolf

    AT needs to be sacked IMO, regardless of what happens, he has lost the support and trust of supporters which is a massive part of being a ref

  35. Kaijufied

    While I agree with the hand ball decision that would’ve been a pen in the prem they actually need to make these hand ball rules consistent

  36. Doctor Black

    Anthony Taylor deserves it🤡🤡

  37. Decio da Silva

    This is so stupid it's starting to turn against Mourinho as if he is making these things happen…like this season the bench has had so many red cards, come on stop crappy reporting please…they are angry they lost a final…it happens

  38. Nick Beauty

    roma is the worst club in Europe

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