Which NBA Player Is FAILING In The Playoffs? 🏀 #shorts

Which NBA Player Is FAILING In The Playoffs? 🏀 #shorts

Which NBA Player Is FAILING In The Playoffs? 🏀 #shorts

Which NBA player is failing? #nba

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Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings Full Highlights 1st QTR | Apr 26 | 2022-2023 NBA Playoffs


  1. BWalker9313

    Kevin Huerter for me.

    Dude was an absolute sharpshooter in the regular season. He’s been so bad this round against GS. He hit some shots tonight in game 6 but for the first 5 games he was terrible

  2. Isaac McKey

    The AD take aged poorly

  3. Jonathan Merrill

    If it ain’t Donovan Mitchell bro

  4. Ryan Turner

    The only answer is Donovan mitchell, Rudy gobert carried a lot of the blame for the jazz failures yet Donovans gone to Cleveland to elevate the offence and they’ve struggled worse this year

  5. Kerke463

    Jrue Holiday has been awful offensively. For someone that shot over 38% from 3 to shoot over 8 threes a game in the playoffs and shoot over 33% is insane to me. Guarding Butler for the majority of the game should be tiring but it’s not like he’s locking Butler up either. He was phenomenal as a ball handler, especially without Giannis on the court but he has been horrible shooting the ball and as great as he is defensively, your primary target on defense shouldn’t average 38 a game.

  6. LK Mamaril

    I’m so sad with Kawhi out😭

  7. Shin M.

    Jimmy Butler heard you guys and said "I don't need shit." Bam woke up, too, though.

  8. Mohamed Koubaa

    People are so used to clowning on Davis that they defaulted to calling him out

  9. dutch van der linde

    Kawhi's knee started to rust

  10. LeBron James

    AD literally having great playoff performances so far, fym?

  11. CsGoat968

    Imagine averaging 22/14 with 4.2 blocks a game and saying that’s disappointing…

  12. lilguy420

    Bro ad is averaging 5 bpg

  13. Ianoliano

    Goddamnit kawhi's knee

  14. CatsInthebagg

    Defensively AD’s amazing but offensively not what it usually is

  15. Quintin Mills

    The toilet paper twin kahwi and paul

  16. Bogdan Žužić

    Bro AD killing it

  17. Dnaiel

    Ad already has 20 blocks in the playoffs

  18. Josh Plouffe

    ya evan mobley hype train is on

  19. King Powell II

    No mention of the bucks interesting, considering 3 of you picked them to win the chip.

  20. RozexBang

    anthony davis easily, ad been mid asf

  21. A R

    Sorry but clutchest player in the nba today is Klay aka “game 6” aka final form “Mr. Klutch” Thompson.

  22. Joesph Brown

    Curry carry and travel with the ball at the end of this game pure trash

  23. 48 BBG TB

    They're the defending champs for a reason they know how to win!!!!!

  24. C. S. G

    Figures the Kings would lose 4 straight! No way they go back to SF and beat the Warriors in game 6

  25. MikeHall

    This is why you don’t disrespect the warriors lol or mock them hahha next time be humbled kings it’s been 17yrs


    Light that bitchass beam now 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Bogar Muñoz

    Es increíble como green puede unir a su equipo con tal facilidad

  28. Ronnie Graham

    I wonder if Barnes is playing for Golden State or Sacramento, he is playing like trash in this series. I think he forgot which team he is playing on.deja vu!!

  29. M G

    Kerr is blowing it! He doesn’t realize that for this series u need to start GPII to slow down Fox! Good move putting Green on bench but instead of Poole you need to start GPII ; also Devicenzo needs to play 16-18 minutes
    Bench needs to be JP Moody n Dreymond

    Unfortunately Devicenzo has to get less minutes cause he’s too inconsistent

    Play the guys that have gotten you there

  30. Daniel Sin

    Poole is having a great performance tonight !

  31. Derf Derf

    Sacramento loses tonight 🤷🏾‍♂️ series is over ppl GS wins and closes them at home 🤷🏾‍♂️

  32. American Muscle

    Fox faking an injury! There is no way someone can hit shots that easily with a broken finger!!! The kings are trying to psychologically get into the Warrior's heads by saying their star is hurt!! Makes the Warrior's let up some.

  33. とんとん


  34. Gerald Gabad

    Warriors in 6.

  35. Bobby

    Momentum definitely with sacs. Come on warrio

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