The Unwritten Rule In Sports: Part 1 👀 | Clutch #Shorts

Sports have always had unwritten rules that revolve around respecting their opponent, but this player didn’t care at all about disrespecting his opponents and breaking the unwritten rules.

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Struggling Liverpool returned to form to earn a desperately needed Merseyside derby win against Everton. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Liverpool #Everton
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Liverpool v. Everton | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 2/13/2023 | NBC Sports


  1. Bryan Tanaya

    I dont think it's a big deal in sport.. if you lose, then you lose. He show off… ok take it, next time they face each other, REVANGE !! And keep going like that so everyone can push to 101% play

  2. I ate my homework

    How to get to the NBA

  3. Jacob Brown

    The Paul pirrec sh*t game

  4. Funtime Candace Sketches

    If you can’t do a crazy dunk in a really tight match, and you can’t do a crazy dunk in a blowout game, when are you supposed to do a crazy dunk besides the all-star?? I mean, some people don’t even get to be an all-star, so when can they even show off?

  5. kevon

    What about lance stephenson when he did a layup late in the 4th against the raptors

  6. cheese man

    There was more than a minute left on the shot clock wtf was he meant to do

  7. Crip Dafoe

    Next vid…will the kings make the playoffs?

  8. Nate Mushinsky

    The backwards touchdown in 1977 by the Vikings

  9. Max Kassai

    Time that college play crazy play guy didn’t turn out well but that inbounder guy was great something like that at duke i think

  10. Ethan

    They’re being payed to entertain a crowd, so he’s basically being scolded for doing his job well.

  11. Sam Beaumont

    If Kerr said “this isn’t an All-Star game” to Bell, did Bell reply “I know but I’m never making it, you never give me minutes, I saw an opportunity show off my athleticism and went for it”

  12. Sam Beaumont

    The unwritten rule about scoring when you already up and isn’t that much time left on the clock is missing the piece where the defender (actively defending or not) needs to at the very least be between the guy with the ball and the hoop.

    Additionally if the game doesn’t end before/as the shot clock expires then expect a shot to be launched.

    The defender not positioning himself between the guy with the ball and the hoop is far more disrespectful (to the player, team, game, sport) than a guy scoring an easy shot when already up.

  13. KaiSzn

    JR Smith was suspended for one game by the Cavaliers for “throwing soup on assistant coach Damon Jones”.

  14. NeoAK47Peno

    Respect to durant for still supporting the warriors

  15. mcj

    Random guy disrespected boban Vs the suns

  16. Sals Logic

    If they upset work harder and win

  17. CDLCrystal

    If I have the chance to dunk I'ma dunk wth? Garbage "rule"

  18. Noah

    Nobody told me how disrespectful he was

  19. Garrett Jeppesen

    How about the rise of Bobby Wagner

  20. koli_clips

    didn’t even show the full dunk 💀

  21. Sanluiscdw 11

    9:48 Darwin throwing up the 2-0 had me dead

  22. Zuffin

    liverpool still have a lot of matches to go, i still have plenty of hope left for this season to bring great moments like these!!!

  23. Acción & Pasión

    Everton needs a striker they had a few chances but they were almost all there

  24. TheTunneys

    And the audio is terrible as well!!! Come on.. why?

  25. TheTunneys

    Crap video quality NBC, is this 240p?

  26. Amadu Bah

    Who else have watched this over 5 times. This was a crucial and must win. YNWA

  27. Mauladous Basantes

    Mosal is mean

  28. King Jah

    Coady is a true Liverpool fan 5:53👀

  29. Matthew Black

    It's hypocritical of Pickford to get mad at Robertson, when Pickford wastes time all the time.

  30. Paul Rodriguez

    Love watching Andy get into with the other team. Him and Virgil are always in the mix😂 love those guys❤️

  31. Jobs mine

    Man that Nunez run was just crazy. He obliterated the whole field with the ball.

  32. Will Lawton

    as usual terrible commentating when it comes to the goal keepers. you cant say pickford was out of position on a 2 on 0 where he has no chance either way, and you cant be mad at him for taking a gamble coming out when staying on his line was a sure goal

  33. ranndino

    The best Liverpool game in a long time. Hopefully, a sign of things to come. Especially now that some very important players are starting to come back.

  34. Moto Hyun

    Darrwin Nunez Nunez!🥷♥️😁💪

  35. WaveyDaveyGaming

    Robertson killed me 😂😂😂

  36. Daniel Benjamin

    I would love to hear the argument between Pickford and Robertson. As an American I really appreciate English trash talk.

  37. Sergio Lopez

    Game could've ended 5-0 if Salah and Nuñez learned how to finish.

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