Sports Betting In the United States: Legal Guide to 50 US States ⚖️

In this Video Matthew guides you through the legal landscape of sports betting in America. He explains where, and how to bet on sports. Including reviewing major sportsbooks and their promotions. Stay tuned for the end where Matt goes through terminology and the technical details of placing a sports bet!

US Sports Betting Guide:

DraftKings Sportsbook:

FanDuel Sportsbook:




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  1. iTz LB

    I stay in NC can I bet in another state through mobile or do I actually have to go to that state?

  2. Muhammad Pàtrõn

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  3. Raúl Pérez

    Bovada is legal in california?

  4. Raúl Pérez

    Hello bro, I want to know if I can bet, I am from California and which betting house do you recommend … greetings

  5. Mr Cutlass71

    So if I live in Ohio can I drive to pa which is 45 min and make a bet on the app

  6. S3v3NM1ll1ON

    Wat VPN to use

  7. Tahoe Kevy Kev

    I live in California and there's a bunch of Indian casinos around here and they got every kind of game you could play Reno Blackjack you know poker slot machine everything.No Sports betting 5 States already legalized it in the USA for SPORTS wagging and trust me with in another 2 years every state will be legal SPORTS betting. This don't mean you can't bet online you just bet with the offshore account casino and it's legal #1bet us #2Bovada add I will be starting my own sports handicapping site at first I will give away some free pics along with paid picks it'll break out some stuff on what to bet on. Don't bet over a three-way parlay that's why they pay so much to hard to hit. I'm going to be starting my own sports handicapping YouTube site and I'll talk about a lot of different way to teach people the young starters on what your supposed to look at for handicappers like me I get up at 6 in the morning and that's when I start checking the stat and I have a little system I have six main things I check on a game and they're all different baseball football hockey they're all different
    on what this team is he can sit here on the office and what's his team is ranked on defense there rated 25 in the league the team they're playing is ranked seventh in offense overall that's just one stats I evaluate and it takes me up to three hours per game to look at all the stats and break it down🔺️that's way $20 dollars for a pick from me 1 like I said I'll get every now and then I'll give a free one away but that $20 would pick is not going to last that long soon as I start running off 342 row and making people for $5,000 a pop with this s*** yeah they're going to go up to 30 40 hundred dollars for the three pigs huh so solid you know all these gold solid to a joke AAA Tahoe I almost got it I mean got into it with someone in the Sportsbook almost got into it with him almost to blows right there that does this works book because you was talkin all that do s*** and then I pulled out shoulder my slits on on who I bet on and I didn't would you bet on. I just want to put them on Front Street and it's basically down to where he had made a little over $300 this is like last month and I told him about the website handicapping I said if you don't mind me asking what you start with $160 and you got it to 300 that's still a good win1 I mean if you can go in there for a couple hours kept a couple drinks watching sports and make a hundred fifty bucks who wouldn't do it and this one and that's what I told him I had another game in my bag cuz I had to already won a little something and I might even say it but it was enough I said I got one more freepik and imma give it to you for free and he started laughing here here for real basketball tournaments Ben Bedner's Blue Devil cats for a long time and made me a lot of money I'll look at it when I said you take that $300 and you put it on the Blue Devils – that 14 points because they got away by 14 don't worry about that course they cover anyone his is it with the juice at Kenny weird but yeah he came up and the 14-year supposed to cover I dated the game maybe to buy 27:27 points see I got little rules that I normally tell people on this website that's going to give him a good advantage and one of them is don't let the point scare you would you see a college and college bat and college basketball college football when it came is favored by 30 points as the old saying says don't let the point scare you take that -30 against the Blue Devils and what happened blue devils covered so he turned that blue devils game to a good come up a Saturday$120 to b

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  16. Oodibigah

    Any way I can bet on FanDuel if I’m 20 living in Michigan?

  17. Aaron Jimenez

    Is it illegal to place a bet that takes place in a different state? (Ex: if I’m in Texas and I place a bet that is in California

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