Power rankings for Jackson State and other HBCUs 👀 | College Football Live

The College Football Live panel give their current power rankings for HBCU college football.

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College Football Live previews Clemson vs. Notre Dame.

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  1. Vincent E Stone

    👍 Commentary. NCCU, PVU & TSU are 4REAL. SCSU bubble burst with QB C. Fields. SU overrated and JSU gotta play for The National🏆. FAMU🐍 has a real good Squad, but inconsistent.

  2. Timothy Williams

    Jsu vs nccu would be tuff

  3. black business owner

    Where the high light at??

  4. JE Anthony

    You got it, Tiffany!!

  5. Finn Bergbower

    Arkansas Pine-Bluff was awesome to have come to Boone Pickens! Their band's show at halftime was super cool. Great people and good sports.

  6. Landon L.

    Why are dislikes disabled.

  7. Franklin Koonce

    JSU is America's Team is going global

  8. Marcus Stanley

    Shedeur Sanders deserves to be in the Heisman conversation.


    Hbcu aren't real schools. Nobody cares. Wouldn't survive against a real college team.

  10. Emory Hall Jr

    Let's have Alabama play all these sports with no black people. Hard to think about huh????

  11. Marvin Tha Kiid

    What are you on

  12. Zenigundam

    Let's have Jackson State play Alabama or Ohio State and see how tough they really are. HBCUs and feminists reinforce the very barriers that civil rights activists and the founding fathers sought to extirpate.

  13. Jacob Saylor

    I like reading these comments the day after Notre Dame wiped their butts with Clemson. There was no point in the entire game where Clemson was in any real control. Even their two TDs were more of Notre Dame's mistakes than Clemson's effort or genius 🤷‍♂️

  14. RichYoung

    35-14 what can I say

  15. Will

    Update: Clemson got smoked 😂

  16. craps 48

    Clemson is not as good as they’re fans think they are and DJ U is not the problem. Seriously

  17. Jason P

    Clemson will win by 10+. ND run game will get shut down. Weather plays a factor in this game so it will be low scoring but make no mistake Clemson wins this game

  18. Ned Hill

    I love how the so-called experts keep doubting Clemson because of Syracuse and Wake Forest. Go back and watch those two games. Clemson should’ve been up 28–0 at the half against Wake Forest. Clemson‘s mistakes on audience in the red zone forced them to settle for two field goals. On defense three of those 15 yard penalty‘s or absolute jokes. We had a ton of injuries in the secondary and played three true freshman. True freshman that I’ve never played against Wake Forest and didn’t understand that ridiculous gimmick offense so they kept biting on the run when they should’ve just stuck to the receiver. Most of Wake Forest’s points came from a few big broken plays and thanks PI calls against Clemson‘s secondary. People ignore Wake Forest has a bunch of fourth, fifth, and sixth year seniors on that team especially their receivers. You had true freshman with more talent going up against an extremely veteran group of receivers. Experience is often more important than talent, especially in a gimmick offense.

    The Syracuse game was an even bigger joke. Clemson didn’t put in the first half. They only posted twice the entire game. They look at the box score. If you only looked at the box score you would think Clemson won by 24 points. The only reason Syracuse was in that game is because of four Clemson turnovers.

    Clemson in every game has had periods where they completely dominated on offense and defense. They just simply haven’t put it together for an entire game. A lot of that is how we play because Dabo plays almost 80 players in every game. He also sandbags big time until we play big games or get into the conference championship and playoffs. Go back over the last 10 to 15 years. We usually start to season slow unless we have a few really big games early. But by the end of the year we are playing as well or better than pretty much anyone in the country.

    I remember at halftime booger McFarland said Syracuse was dominating the line of scrimmage. What game was he watching? Clemson dominated both sides of the ball against Syracuse. Again, turnovers!

  19. Douglas Mcdonald

    ND rolls over Clemson

  20. Zanthor

    Notre Dame 100% has a chance, I'm really excited for this game.

  21. David Montana

    31-21 clemson

  22. Lil breezy12

    Keep sleeping on Louisville we’ll see next week on soul💯⚫️🔴⚫️🔴🐔

  23. rip van winkle

    Guy in the middle shoulda put on a suit of armor, or dawned lumberjack outfit with suspenders, or a skinned moose to reappropriate his culture.

  24. Flat Earth Society

    Polack is delusional

  25. Dominion

    Clemson loses out and any thought of them making the playoffs will dissolve.

  26. Christian Neff

    The fact that notre dame is the “toughest game left for Clemson” says a lot about how difficult Clemson’s schedule is

  27. Tom Piper

    Notre Dame will be Clemson's toughest test in last 4 games.

  28. Phillip Scarbrough

    Clemson 31 – ND 24

  29. StringGene

    CLEM is no better than #10. The so-called committee is obviously promoting their favorite teams. For instance, vaulting LSU from #15 to #10 is to give BAMA a top 10 win, to help them in the playoff race, it's fraud. They are STRICTLY in the TV ratings business as well. The TV Committee is corrupt to the core, seriously. Follow the money. Are you tired of being scammed, manipulated? WE MUST have a real playoff to stop this scam.

  30. Herman Lin

    Two games left Clemson should be concerned about: Notre Dame and most likely North Carolina.

  31. QMF

    Norte Dame will beat Clemson. Clemson has not looked good all season even if they’ve won. Some were ugly wins.

  32. Jimmy Ingalls

    I hope so Bama fan here

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