Nick Saban wasn’t happy about this late penalty 👀

Nick Saban wasn’t happy about this late penalty 👀

Nick Saban wasn’t happy about this late penalty 👀

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Paul Finebaum reacts to the final CFP rankings: They got it right! | ESPN College Football
Paul Finebaum joins the College Football Playoff Selection show to react to the final College Football Playoff rankings.
#collegefootball #collegefootballplayoff

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  1. Glenn Halila

    I'm just wondering; What's the chance of a Game being "fixed" because someone won't have to pay out or lose millions of dollars or they get to keep the funds wagered in a 3 team parlay? Just some food for thought? I have seen a lot of bad and non calls by Refs in both Pro and College Sports, particularly Semi Finals and Championship Games

  2. King Henery🏉

    Hail state!!!

  3. Craig Shelton

    Alabama is one head coach retirement away from being SMU with an especially large stadium.

  4. Hondahaney

    Nick’s career is in the late 4th quarter..

  5. Sam Houston

    Looks like a sore loser

  6. Steven Brown

    Hey he can do it he's the goat roll tide

  7. Black Sheep

    The little General loves to show his ole a** 😂

  8. Knock Out

    Is nick ever happy, except of course when the CFP is not blowing him?

  9. T H

    Saban's team is ahead 30-0, he's in his own stadium with his own corrupt refs, and he's throwing a tantrum over a penalty!?
    The nerve of this guy.

  10. Moondog43

    🤣 🤣 🤣

  11. Frank Castellana

    Bas Call !!

  12. Aaron Bryan

    Good call tho

  13. Cindy Reed

    Love our coach

  14. Beo Wolf

    This is why the vast majority of the country hates this team. It's not about sports. It's about embarrassing and hurting other players.
    Buy up all the good players then act like you've got some kind of god as coach,lol
    Can't be too benevolent though letting Tennessee clock em for 52 points 😂

  15. Curtis Thomas

    This mf leading 30-0 and bitching about a penalty. This mf is a tyrant.

  16. Christian Barras

    This dude is going to pop an artery

  17. Flex

    Coach N.S. about to blow a gasket***

  18. Native5

    13 hasn't played well all season. 9 hasn't done anything

  19. Arthur Chavers

    Man that was technique, Kirk hush.

  20. Sarah McCoy

    Is TCU this year’s Cincinnati?
    Georgia and Michigan are undefeated, while Ohio State’s lone loss came against Michigan.
    TCU lost to Kansas State.
    Michigan 27, TCU 17
    Georgia 28, Ohio State 21

  21. Tristan Green

    Ohio state has been favored in almost every playoff since 2014. And not just that. Every top ten team this year who has taken a loss also took a loss in the rankings as well. TCU didn’t even move

  22. Art Prince

    OSU can beat any team if healthy and coaches don’t make dumb decisions. The chances of both those things happening in the next two games are not good. So don’t really expect Buckeyes to win it all, although I wish they could!

  23. Ally Al

    So TCU doesn’t get punished for losing to the #11 ranked team but Bama got punished for losing to the #6 ranked team???? Thts just dumb!!!!
    Bama would destroy TCU on any field any day!!!
    Bama got punished for having a tougher schedule n getting everyone’s best week. In the Best conference in college football???? Dumb asf

  24. Alan Tucker

    Just gained a little more respect for finnebaum

  25. Paul Kantner

    There are incompetent people, then there is this guy.

  26. EastTexan

    Never in a million years would I have believed TCU would stay at #3 with a loss. They are a good team but they are not #3. Michigan will steam roll those guys. I'm happy for them, but……

  27. Hoyhoy

    There's a not-so-surprising likeness between Trumpers claiming the election was stolen from them and Bam-Bams claiming the playoffs were stolen from them. The reality of not "winning" is unacceptable

  28. Clayton Smith

    Alabama was favored against LSU and Tenn and guess what happened, they lost. Favored means nothing when it comes to wins and losses.

  29. Nate Cruz

    Lmao what a dumb argument. Alabama wouldn’t be the favorite in any of their games against any of the top 4 because all of those teams play defense and offense. Just because their name is Alabama doesn’t mean they are a good team. They should likely be a 4 loss team right now

  30. Rhyne

    Sportswriters and coaches should have nothing to do with the college football playoff. It is a conflict of interest for either to be a part of the committee. The BCS was a far better system until they started allowing the AP poll have a larger percentage in the calculation. There was a reason why the BCS was established in the first place. It was the bias that was always reflected by the press in the AP poll. It is beyond me why the NCAA took a step backward and allowed a biased human committee make the determination again.

  31. vandos11

    No respect for finbaum Alabama would beat TCU By three touchdowns

  32. Joe Ordinary

    So you get your a$$ waxed…by your rival (first truly good opponent, btw) at home…last game of the season (remember the old “better to lose early than late” argument?’ and STILL make it in? Whatever. THE most benefit of the doubt team in all of college football. In all honesty though, who else could they have picked? A 2 loss Alabama? Hardly. Is OSU one of the best 4 teams in the Country? Surely. Would ‘Bama be favored over TCU? Probably. If the committee picked the BEST teams , I would say Alabama would’ve made it in along with Georgia, Michigan and Ohio State. Most deserving? TCU without a doubt. The Ohio State is the very definition of a back-in team despite an otherwise great year against (mostly) sub par competition. That said, a team with a second chance when all hope was lost is a dangerous team, especially one so talented. That’s why the games are played on the field and not on paper or in the media. In the end, by default perhaps, the committee got it right or as close as possible, anyway. This season is the perfect example of a flawed system. However, there are all kinds of interesting angles with this field. Gonna be good! Fortunately, in a couple years, these issues for the most part , will be moot with the exception of at large berths and which team was voted #13 and not #12. At that point, nobody will really care much.

  33. X ACE X

    They got it right but in my opinion, something feels wrong about the playoff this year. Maybe it’s because the last time we saw TCU and OSU play, they ended up losing but still had a better resume than everyone else. It just feels weird knowing that they ended their seasons on a low note but still made it in, and that they were also really close to not making it in. It also might be that I believe if TCU were to play Alabama or Tennessee, they would probably lose.

  34. KLKiley

    Ohio State wasn't the best because their resumé sucks. So does Bama. GTFO with that nonsense.

  35. marcus11394

    They got me with the hair in the right corner of the camera

  36. Steve Reed


  37. Happilyretiredmark

    Since football went to the BCS and CFP a team from the SEC has won the championship 14 times. Thats domination and espn and people from outside the SEC can’t stand that dominance so they put a system in place where they could keep other regions of the country involved along with some schools that’ll generate money even though they play the equivalent to flag football. .

  38. Joseph McCarthy

    So many Bama haters here, you gotta love it. They can’t stand the fact that Alabama and Ohio State were THAT close in getting the #4 spot. The only thing that gave OS the advantage was the Notre Dame win over Clemson, giving them a more “quality” win over anything Alabama has apparently. Nothing these analysts spoke about as being important was even considered in the selection for the top four. And these OS, TCU, and Michigan fans are real quick to forget their teams struggles all season long, but they sure do focus on Bama’s.
    But it’s all good. Make sure y’all cheer real loud for Kansas State in your living rooms when you watch the Bama game on the 31st.

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