NHL Picks, Predictions and Odds | NHL Betting Preview | πŸ’ Puck Time for January 25

NHL Picks, Predictions and Odds | NHL Betting Preview | πŸ’ Puck Time for January 25

NHL Picks, Predictions and Odds | NHL Betting Preview | πŸ’ Puck Time for January 25

NHL Picks and Predictions for Tuesday, January 25: Join Andrew McInnis, Carmine Bianco and Don Buster for Tuesday’s edition of Puck Time as our panel of professional hockey handicappers break down tonight’s NHL betting card. The Golden Knights kicked off their East Coast road trip with a 1-0 win over Washington last night. Can Las Vegas follow that up with another win in Carolina tonight? Join Andrew, Carmine and Buster for Puck Time as we discuss tonight’s NHL betting slate.

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Tuesday’s featured NHL games:
Introduction 00:00
Carolina Hurricanes vs Las Vegas Golden Knights 8:16
Winnipeg Jets vs Florida Panthers 14:22
Vancouver Canucks vs Edmonton Oilers 19:43
New Jersey Devils vs Dallas Stars 30:45

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  1. Blue


  2. Justin Casey

    As far as the total is concerned, do we care this looks like WPG's first home game since Dec 19th and their 6 previous home games all hit min 6 goals per. Any thoughts. .or am I missing a played home game?

  3. Robert Foley

    Always a great show! Shot prop parlay Norris and Rust 2 or more shots for each -110.

  4. Gonçalo Nuno

    Good evening everyone!
    I've been following your channel for a long time and I really like it, but I would like you to be a little more considerate of the people who follow your channel.
    Already, several times I asked you to turn on the subtitles and the translator so that we can understand you better.
    Once again I will ask you to turn on the subtitles and the translator.

  5. Gerald Podloski

    Love that Nashville OVER Play…..also Chewing on Carolina, didnt pull trigger yet, But I'm close….Great show Boys…..Cant bet my Home Town Oilers, need to see more before I pull the trigger. LETS GO

  6. Sean M.

    This show is so good when the Prez isn’t on. Great job as usual fellas!

  7. XBLonTwitch

    I'm on Preds + NYI tonight. $200 to win $450~

    -190 NYI
    -165 Preds

    Got line movement in my favor in both, let's GOOO!!!!!!!!

  8. Tyler Stirling

    Dont see busters rainbow background, has to be an imposter

  9. Dupri Bell

    Let’s gooooo great picks!! Winning Money today

  10. Phil MaCleats

    Awesome yesterday Carmine!!! Just purchased the rest of your NHL season with my winnings from that 5% lock. Appreciate that let’s get β€˜β€˜em today again !!!!


    πŸ—£Let’s gooooooo!!!!!!!

  12. buu zuu

    am on a break
    nhl is one of my favourites
    i looked at the games for tomorrow quite some games for wednesday
    its 12.17am right now

    *lighting -1.5 -$2.28
    *wild $2.07
    total is $5.05 for 2 games boosted

    anyways i think i can start with nhl overs & unders soon for goals looks ok for some teams $2.50 or so overs 3.5 over i watched long enough to kinda know what teams would get 4 goals in 60mins of time no o.t included

    anyways im gona b back 2-5weeks time i wana try get price $8-$12
    coz $20-$30 is hard to maintain but won 8 using $10s mainly & other 1 leg loses
    im minus 1-2games
    which would give me $8-$12 total for 2-3games is winable range
    i did doubles with $5s gets me more if u hit 3 i had $420 from a $5 bet doing 3 doubles total & win
    its quite hard doubles tho

    anyways am bored atm sorry
    wild $2.07
    (i pick some games like this at times that i think is quite hard to pick oilers is solid & at home i stil think wild can do it away as underdogs but a wounded oilers side losing 5-1 to l,a team who lose 4-0 today could go either way top teams i choose these at times)

    lighting -1.5 -$2.28
    i think r better side i think missin some players i think i stil think to strong

    nhl is good tho i dont mind it
    i dont recommend picking it just thought id think of 1
    2022 should b quite some year ive documented my bettin & written heaps down 3rd year of it should b good with more money on it i think first $1000+ i mak wil definitly give me boost

    good luck

  13. Fuck You

    What are your thoughts about double chance compound ? My startegy is to bet on odds 2 and double my capital progressively while using money management , to get this odds 2 , compounding 4 hockey team in a 12 scenario (or no prolongation) would lead to this odds 2 , the other option is 1 home match line and 2 double prediction. What do you think about it ? Also I don't bet on NFL nor Canada or KHL but only remaining Hockey worldwide as they are less skill thus more chance to win a 12 scenario

  14. Marius Bujor

    This year I started to bet hockey but is a little hard because the teams are very unpredictable πŸ‘

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