Lions IN, Dolphins OUT⁉ What four NEW teams will make the 2024 NFL Playoffs? 🤔 | NFL Live

The NFL Live crew make their way-too-early predictions for the upcoming 2024 NFL postseason.

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0:00: Offensive Rookie of the Year
7:46: Coach of the Year
12:46: Defensive Rookie of the Year
21:00: Defensive Player of the Year
24:54: MVP
31:27: Super Bowl
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  1. Kee Ozzie

    Yeeeaaah BABY! DETROIT IS BACK on the map! …

    🎻It's been a long time (long time)
    We shouldn't have left you (left you)
    Without a dope beat to step to
    Step to, step to, step to (step)
    Step to, step to, freaky-freaky🎻

  2. Spiritual Architect

    IF the Eagles make the playoffs, they might not even win a game. History shows only eight teams in NFL history — the 1971 Cowboys, the '72 Dolphins, the '73 Vikings, the '87 Broncos, the 1991, 1992, 1993 Bills and the 2018 Patriots — have returned to the Super Bowl the year after losing the Big Game. And out of those teams, only the '71 Cowboys, '72 Dolphins and '18 Patriots were able to win it.

  3. Larry Rice

    I'll go Broncos and Titans, Lions and Panthers

  4. Kaliba King

    Lions, Steelers, Patriots, Saints
    Out: Bucs Chargers Vikings Dolphins

  5. Dadefranco

    Woody – a jet – not surprisingly choosing the Jets over the phins

  6. scarlet cobb

    That guy doesn't know what the heck he is talk about when he says the dolphins are not going to be there that guy must not know nothing about footballif I was the person running that show I would never let him be on it again he is one stupid fxxk

  7. Isaac Dickerson

    Jets don't make the playoffs……easy, there's no chance they make it…..they will get pumped

  8. Kevin Lopez

    Lions Jets will make it

  9. Anthony Arellano

    All the people they fired and they chose to keep these clowns

  10. Krunke

    The Broncos were built to win with Wilson and what happened? The only thing for sure in the NFL are surprises and shock.

  11. RsFMaro

    All 3 of these analysts should be BANNED for these ridiculous, outrageous takes. I’ve never heard anything so not smart🤦🏾‍♂️🤬 The Steelers and the falcons in the playoffs?!? And then to wrap it up Woody throws in the Panthers😭 Ain’t no way boy🙅🏾‍♂️

  12. Iman Button

    Giants out tampa out

  13. A. Smiles

    Dolphins 15-2.

  14. Time Served

    Woody is a PATRIOT HES ANOTHER HATER! Get in line woody….enough of ur daily hate

  15. MoreMemories

    Patriots out

  16. Jonathan Lickey

    Atlanta about to Shock the NFL. Watch.

  17. jmacomber86

    Think we can all agree detroit was clearly good enough to be a playoff team, they beat several, including the giants who won a playoff game.

  18. Rebecca Voodoo

    Give us a break ! Who Cares ? Disney slashing 7000 jobs and Slashing more all year ! It’s about time Disney has bloated massive unsustainable unsecured corporate debt paying these egotistical idolatrous Medicare annoying ESPN ..prognosticators…

  19. Artemio Marifosque

    Hail from Philippines! Tumble Thursday here to listen & be informed by you only today about NFL. CHEERS!

  20. TheBoxingProphet

    Rookie of the year is going to be Anthony if he remains healthy. Coach of the year is going to be the McDaniels from the MIA TWO PLAYERS THAT COULD BREAK RECORDS THIS YEAR CHUBBS AND HILL

  21. @CandidBanter on TikTok

    the bengals/chiefs picks aged soooo poorly so fast lol – though my mans picking BAL/DAL actually looks realistic after wk1

  22. Donschningo

    they should feeling stupid DROTY .. is Jalen Carter and it would not be close

  23. 49erway

    Gibbs…love the new lions. Go niners!

  24. Paul Glover

    It’s great that you guys have turned to comedy!

  25. SG29172


  26. Anthony Alarcon

    Eagles vs. Chiefs! I've got my Eagles beating the Chiefs 34 to 31!

  27. Darrick Struble

    S.F. is gonna be a beast this season!.. Bosas pay raise isnt gonna effect that team at all!

  28. Shinde425

    Peter’s picks will mean my fantasy team will win the league 😂

  29. Mathias Balck

    Offensive rookie: Gibbs
    Defensive rookie: Bresee
    Coach: Allen
    Defensive: Hutchinson
    Offensive: Olave
    Comeback: Carr
    MVP: Carr
    AFC Match-up: Jaguars – Bills
    NFC Match-up: Bills – Saints
    Match-up: Jaguars – Saints
    Champs: Saints


    There is no better team on tv than the GMFB team. After Thursday’s game, Jamie just may be spot on for Coach of the Year. All in with Kyle on SuperBowl Champion. Go Bills. 🏈

  31. Purrplex

    If the cowboys made it to the superbowl, it's because they faced the lions in the nfc championship game.

  32. cameron zwicke

    They don't give coach of the year to a coach with a losing team. No way Sean Payton gets coach of the year.

  33. ǴƛƊƛƠ

    Jonathan mingo for rookie of the year! Dont believe me just watch 🤫

  34. Tim McGranaghan

    Dan the man. Good pick, but still no respect for McDermott???😎🏈🍺🦬

  35. lucas lagoon

    Jason's love for the ravens 🥱

  36. Akamatsu Creative

    The 49ers and Bills both have a touch of a hex on 'em. And a few weird but significant personnel anomalies. The current Cowboys also seem a little hexed — regardless of their ridiculously talented roster.. The Eagles are obviously stacked and are a massive NFC favorite by everyone, but going back is haaaard, and I have doubts, just because how randomness and chaos show up during seasons. My prediction is both conferences have new/unexpected representatives, (but I grant the Chiefs are still a bit of an NFL cheat code, so they're an outlier). Every few years an unexpected team comes out of nowhere and hits a crazy stride enroute to a SB, and I think this will be that year. Jags, Steelers, Seahawks, Miami, Lions, Chargers or even… my Bears (stop laughing, it's rude)? Don't know. But I don't think it's a status quo/usual suspects Superbowl this year. Anyway, We Shall See, because NOBODY KNOW, and that's why we watch!/ Great show!

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