Latest intel on Dylan Raiola 🧠 🏈 | Georgia, Nebraska, USC, Oregon, College Football Recruiting

The No. 1 prospect in the Class of 2024 joins 247Sports to break down what he likes about his top schools. 5-star QB Dylan Raiola decommitted from the Ohio State Buckeyes in December and has offers from 25+ schools.

Emily Proud is joined by Blair Angulo (College Football Recruiting Analyst) to discuss the latest recruiting news on quarterback Dylan Raiola.

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Player Profile:

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  2. Elvin Ware

    Fight On! D.R.✌🏽come win the Heisman on the biggest and brightest ✨️ stage at Southern California, and besides, it's xloser to home than Ga.

  3. XEverlastingXChaosX

    Love to see you in that red and black! Go Dawgs!!

  4. HokiePitcher22

    Dylan looks more like Patrick Mahomes than Pat's own fruity little brother does. Lol.

  5. fth sammy

    well usc has malachi for 3 years so thats a no.. Nebraska been horrible forever so no.. top 2 oregon & georgia!!

  6. noturbusiness123

    He didn't want to be a 1st round bust so he decommited from OSU.

  7. Robert Traphagan

    Go Big Red! I'm sure your Dad knows how special this place is!

  8. TJ Thalman

    Nebraska wants him bad I think Nebraska is on the way up as a program not quite cfp or anything like that but if he committed we could be on the rise as a program

  9. jim graham

    We saw Dylan play against Basha and he looked like trash. Sorry I don't see him being the number 1 player in 2024. His stats say otherwise

  10. Zack W

    I know we are fighting an uphill battle, but man, it would be such a huge step in the right direction if he would come to Lincoln! Coach Rhule better be going ALL IN on bringing him to town! Sadly, it will probably be Georgia or USC as the rich usually get richer, but he could be THE key piece in putting us back on the college football map. GBR!

  11. B-Man 123

    I live, breathe, and eat Husker football. Having said that, I don't think there's any way that he's going to NU.

  12. KMC

    4:06 UGA signed 24/7 composite 5 star Brock Vandagriff in 2020 (the 2021 class).

  13. la villita de abajo, zacatecas

    USC would be the best for him but melachi nelson is way better than him.

  14. Mike Estes

    What’s a Nebraska ?

  15. jimmy5634

    I’m glad he’s out at Ohio State.
    He and his family are disingenuous. Even if he commits and goes to any of these schools he’s a high-probability transfer candidate if things don’t go his way. Typical prima Donna.

  16. HowRU

    USC’s the obvious one he knows Lincoln Riley will help him win heisman and become a lottery pick and he’ll be closer to home

  17. William Crowe

    He’s coming to Georgia he loves the culture and brotherhood there!

  18. Brett K

    So only really looks like two schools matter it is between Georgia and Nebraska plus both their QBs rooms are weak!

  19. Zach Thompson

    Not a knock against him, but he already sounds like one of those robotic players. “Yeah, you know, we just got to go out and compete.” 🙄 my god, why can’t athletes talk like normal people? It’s ok, guys. Loosen up. Fans love it.

  20. alva purnama

    Lol Gundogan 😂

  21. Владимир Первушин

    Этот лось меньше 30 ти голов за сезон забивать не будет🤗😉🤣

  22. Humanoid

    Просто Зверь

  23. ephraim ita

    Grealish is stepping up is game and mahrez on the other side is been fantastic and kdb is recovering from his fatigue and giving the team his best

  24. The_magician

    This commentator is so extra. A whole narrator 😂😂😂😂

  25. George A

    No pen for handball. No wander it's Man sh itty. Nothing changes. Every season.

  26. Siyabonga Bottoman

    Rico Lewis has a promising future🤍💙

  27. Нуркен Абдишев

    мог бы быть счет 7-1

  28. Cooks Creations

    The commentator is spot on with his description of the game. I could close my eyes and know exactly what is happening at any second.

  29. Emanuel

    Can somebody try to expain to me why Gundogun got penalty after simulating ?

  30. Saigonese

    Bernardo Silva has been a long time without assists or goals. He has run out of motivation to play for MC.. and a few other players too.. Those who are no longer passionate about titles should be advised. leave or the MC will go down and the splendor will fade away quickly.

  31. Manchester City

    City king of england

  32. Arike Innocent

    Man City plays nice and very enjoyable to watch their game i like it but am a United fun I know they will win the epl cup once again 🤔🥰

  33. Raffasya Channel 241

    Striker tersubur era sepak bola modern Haaland

  34. cymen1

    I really like the English referees. That first VAR call was not a penalty, reallly good ref call. I know , could have been 4 for Haaland.

  35. Ayyub Yanuar

    messi coming soon at manchester blueee

  36. Inside World

    While Man City may have secured a win against Wolves, it's important to remember that every game is different and any team can come out victorious on any given day. Wolves have proven themselves to be a strong and competitive team, and I'm sure we'll see more exciting matches from them in the future.

  37. Alexander Rodriguez

    These commentators are so boring

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