Football Phenom Bunchie Young Spies On NEW HIGH SCHOOL! Prepares For PLAYOFFS 😮

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12-year-old football star Jeremiah Johnson went viral for looking too old to play youth football, but he’s just a kid at heart who happens to be dominating the game and putting in WORK every day to get to the next level!

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  1. LeGiT SnOoTzY

    😂😂😂😂😂” ❤❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉😢😢😢😅😅😅😅😊

  2. Bentley Watson

    How tall is he

  3. Preston Mitchell

    51 is a grown man out there🤣🤣

  4. Keaton Ramsey

    I’m a sophomore and I’m 15 how he in 8th

  5. Haley Hartley

    same sportskid

  6. J P90

    Kid really overrated overhyped!!!!

  7. 5⭐️ Rqze

    This video and the rest of these are from last year bc I saw bunchie last year when their white time they played before us I saw the cameras and met bunchie

  8. Sw3rvo._ty

    Ain’t nobody hear him curse?😭

  9. Trey Roblox E4n x jj x LLedot

    More bunchin

  10. NickzY


  11. Chiper_Beam

    the red team is terribal

  12. derekrodgers81

    Let's be real the kid is OK but I don't see NFL at all he is too little and other kids will catch up with his speed but be bigger and stronger

  13. boodahclipzz


  14. Moonroof

    Lets go Bunchie

  15. nene

    Nike is a pagan which means it is a sin if u wear it because it represents a false “idols” or false “god”

  16. I’m him

    He da goat

  17. Azey

    Bunchie is the best 15 year old football player I see this guy in the nfl and rookie of the year

  18. Owen Bailey

    I can beat Bunche

  19. Jose Diaz

    No hate but this guy is not a football phenom….
    Seems to be the Julian Newman of football

  20. Whistle

    Do you remember when Jeremiah went VIRAL?

  21. MooseMan

    Everybody clowning this kid but can you imagine if he actually is 12 lol y’all some savages with some of these comments. Glad he’s able to take it, gonna live his best life, most likely be a high value hs recruit and get a free ride in college.

  22. as187

    Pic look like ypk

  23. Edwin Xavier Hernandez

    Wish him the best. I just hope the same thing doesn't happen to him as what happened to the Julian Newman who still uploads videos saying he's in High School.

  24. ttv_ Icyflex

    He ain’t 12

  25. M L

    Love how John G took him under his wing quick! There’s raw talent like this and more all up in da hood! They just need guidance and someone they can trust! 💪🏿✊🏿🙏🏿

  26. Y Mat

    He grew fast. Grown man looking kid. Do well young man!!!! Stay focused.

  27. AlphaCartier

    That man is not 12

  28. Kingsley Costain

    Omg….He’s not 12

  29. HMoney

    Lol anybody that believes this is real.needs help!🤣🤣

  30. Jen J

    1. Was he born in the United States?
    2. Why the fake tattoo? he's Trolling us with it and the stache. If people are suspecting you're lying about your age, the dumbest thing is to prove them right.

  31. Grateful Lee

    That kid is not 12 lmao 😂 must be eatting growth hormones or something

  32. King Mody

    Bro is not 12

  33. Jonathan Jeffrey

    Good head on his shoulder. Hope he stays healthy and makes it to the NFL.

  34. zakria mohammad

    This boy is not 12 wtf

  35. Fury Fleming

    Sorry kiddo. Nothin special

  36. Goatedatthegame

    No way he is my age

  37. Building Glocks

    This dude got 2 baby mommas at 12 but far he ain’t gonna be running thru people his whole career once everyone else hits puberty

  38. Brandon Webb

    Look like he was made in a lab😑👀

  39. Pretty Ricky

    Awesome! Good luck kid. I'll be watching to see how your career takes shape

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