Deion Sanders TO WHERE?! Charles Barkley reveals the rumors 🍿 | ESPN College Football

ESPN’s Matt Barrie is joined by Paul Finebaum to assess where Deion Sanders might land next if he were to leave Jackson State.
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  1. 2009kdizzle

    Coach prime CU!! Go Buffs!!

  2. Bro. Mike

    Ok, what about the culture right now at Colorado its so flat a pancake looks more bumpy than what's in Colorado

  3. Mr. Make That Make Sense

    Hopefully Deion isn't selling out. He told them kids he was not leaving.

  4. Michael Bruce

    While some may say that Dion should be in the "higher echelon" of football programs, I say that he already is there JSU. Look at his recruiting power. He has recruited some of the best players around.
    Contrary to popular belief, the SEC doesn't get all of the best players. Sanders has helped bring inspiration and self assurance into a program that has been ignored for years.
    He is just fine where he is!

  5. D W

    Why are they so bent on getting Sanders out of Jackson?

  6. Tim's Deli

    If that happen and Coach Prime goes to Miss St. He will leave a Coach at Jack St. and use it as a juco for the players he wants but needs to develop then they will transfer to Miss St after 2yrs running the same system brilliant

  7. Barry Lowery

    Finbum is an idiot. If it weren't for Nick Saban bringing Alabama's football program back to prominence, Finbum would only be known by the local Birmingham radio market and his momma.

  8. Roy Faye Bridgeman

    Charles Barkley need to stay
    ìn his own lane. We the fans
    at Jackson State University
    don't need someone like
    Barkley who before Coach
    Prime came to JSU, Barkley
    didn't know where JSU was,
    now he's all in our business.
    Somebody else in these
    comments said that it would
    good if Deion Sanders would
    coach at a "big time" school,
    Deion Sanders is coaching
    now at a "big time" school
    and its called JACKSON
    you very much !!!! 😡😡

  9. Txt autotxt

    Competitively & comparatively speaking, hopefully Coach D. Sanders will partner w/a football program that provides AT LEAST the following:
    1] an operating budget of $20+million
    2] a profit/deficit above $5+million
    3] a progressive community!
    Losing programs that meet the standard: {Texas A&M, Arizona}.
    Secondary considerations – Georgia Tech, Virginia, Iowa State, W.Virgina, Indiana.
    Notwithstanding, Colorado operates at a $17+mil deficit

  10. Chris Napolion

    Colorado buffaloes

  11. Devante Gatson

    Texas A&M buyout for Jimbo is 70+ million , I think it’s Mississippi state and If I was them I’ll be all in on Prime time as well

  12. iAmJammal

    Who want to watch Colorado or USF…like who.

  13. Rocky Dennis

    I don’t believe MANY people when it comes down to it,especially college football coaches,that being said I 100% believe the reporting that stated that Deion Sanders has already told his players at Jackson State that he isn’t going anywhere and he isn’t in talks,or will be in talks with another school!!

  14. Jerry Rutherford

    Firing Coach Leach is insane, this is irresponsible reporting because it ain’t happening😡

  15. Lenny Grzywa

    If he walks away from his school that's terrible.

  16. DJ5000CDS x

    Schools throwing coach name around for publicity and recruiting

  17. James Moore

    UGA fired Mark Richt after loosing to FLA in 2015…they hired Kirby Smart so to me i leave about an hour from Jacksonville and that rivalry is BONKERS…people camp out in RV's for a week beforw the game…FLA lost to every rival and Vanderbilt this year…SO I see that job before Miss St…JMO..Prime would take the FLA job over Miss St any day…jmo

  18. Alex King

    Why do these white organizations what him to leave so bad? They really pushing this thing for him aren't they? See you at JSU next year Coach Prime lmao 🤣

  19. G Sandy

    Why does the NFL get all the heat about diversity in coaching, but the SEC head coaching ranks continue to be lily white and nobody says a word?

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