Deebo Samuel on 49ers’ success this season and Super Bowl LVI pick 🏈 | First Take

Deebo Samuel on 49ers’ success this season and Super Bowl LVI pick 🏈 | First Take
San Francisco 49ers WR Deebo Samuel joins First Take to discuss the 49ers’ success this season, the loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship game and makes his pick for Super Bowl LVI.
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Adrian Wojnarowski joins #Greeny to discuss the latest updates on the NBA Trade Deadline.

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  1. Art L

    Ayy the gremlin still rocking with the rams this Sunday even though they caught him pants down in their last game lol
    Let’s go RAMS.

  2. J P

    Donald will obviously blow up the OLine, but Burrow can be very good at scrambling and improvising. And since the Bengals WR room is stacked (plus Mixon on check downs), the Rams secondary will be in an interesting position when Burrow does scramble. I can’t see Ramsey stepping away from Chase for many TFL opportunities; it’d be too risky. So the real difference maker here is probably Von Miller. Burrow will be running for his life, but will Von Miller get to him before he has a chance to sling it downfield?

    As far as the Bengals defense though, they’ll give up at least 24 to the Rams.

  3. HB Athletic Training

    D E E B O ✊🏿💯

  4. Whiskey

    That’s what’s up Deebo. Your flowers are overdue homie. We love you out here in the Bay. Much love and respect. Brinks truck coming for you. Well deserved. Ninergang.

  5. danchez1979

    We're fucked at the QB position..this guy Trey Lance gonna be a bust,how much more time he needs he's had all season😬

  6. MrPowder OG

    Picks the Rams because of sacks..
    Mentions the Titans… the titans have more sacks than the rams…. sooo

  7. Brick Top

    Boooooo Deebo, Who Dey!

  8. Red Comet

    Had the 9ers made it to the SB and won, Deebo shoulda been named MVP

  9. Adam M

    I know he is "retired'" but, damnit, do what it takes to get Tom Brady with the Niners. He will come back for this team. I like Lance's future but he is 22 when the season starts next season and not winning the SB next year. This roster is ready to win it all now, don't waste another year!

  10. Wesley Baldwin

    1,500 recieving yards, 500 rushing, 8 rushing TDs (NFL record for WR) HOW TF IS HE NOT THE MVP??? None of the QBs really had a stand out year…

  11. Notfrom Thisworld

    Class act not like Donald. He even said his name and picked the rams. I hope they lose bc of this 😆

  12. Wesley Baldwin

    The true MVP

  13. Daryl D.

    Niners been to (and past) the NFC Championship twice in the last 3 years. The roster is loaded. Now they get to load it even more since the QB will be on a rookie deal.

    They have a very good chance of winning a title in the next 5 years.

  14. Phred E

    Tough when you rely on your “winning quarterback”

  15. Ramson Luhk

    Aight he pick the right team

  16. Notfrom Thisworld

    Best of the best, bro

  17. Richard Yuh

    one of my favorite players

  18. Brian 26

    Whats the name of the host she is super hot

  19. TB 12

    Lads I was delighted not to see Molly, haven't clicked on a Espn video in a very long time.

  20. Paul Hanson

    Get his name right for Christs sake SAS!! It’s not Samuels-it’s Samuel!!!

  21. J Brown

    We need a verzuz between woj and windhorst

  22. Adam Kespe

    Domas sabonis?

  23. bendiggiti

    Woj knows what's up, Windhorst and Shams full of hot air. Windy doesn't have the sources and Shams is a Klutch Sports shill.

  24. JuaronTheMan

    Let’s be real Woj is never the one who reports things first. He’s just the one everyone goes to for the legitimacy. We always hear the breaking news from other reporters and insiders

  25. Eric Papilaya

    so the two best Nba insiders have completely different storys. Windy and Woj war?!

  26. Nick Brush


  27. BamaBoii

    One of these mfs lying 😂😂

  28. freddiegibbs101

    It doesn't matter if the Sixers-Nets are (Windhorst) or are not (Woj) negotiating. What ultimately matters is that you clicked, and so did I!

  29. pancon5

    Will it be a Woj bomb? Will it be a Wind bomb? 💣💣💣

  30. karl mitchell

    Trade will never happen

  31. Ahmed

    76ers gonna lose Ben Simmons and Embiid in the ne t few years lol

  32. Buckatem87

    Woj knows he can say no trade in the works & if a trade doesn’t happen, he’ll be seen as legit & accurate. He also knows if a trade does happen, he can say the Sixers decided to get more aggressive as we got closer to the deadline & made the move. He can’t go wrong playing the game like this & will come out as the most legitimate “insider”.

  33. AmB

    bruh. the nets have literally said time and time again they arent trading harden and the media is basically just calling them liars 😂

  34. D RP

    Simmons to bk makes sense to nobody but philly

  35. N H

    Would make a lot more sense to trade Kyrie for Simmons.

  36. Jok3r Ent

    windhorst saying the opposite

  37. Samson Simp

    There not trading harden. CLICK BAIT AS TAKE. GET NEW MATERIAL.

  38. Mark

    Lmao Brian windhorst says otherwise. So who’s lying?

  39. Shaq Green

    Woj is talking with so much uncertainty in his voice

  40. flavho

    Woj mad at Windhorst for eating the last box of donuts 🍩. Now he is coming for his fat neck 😳

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