24yr Old Bet expert discloses tricks to win BIG- This is how he wins ₵213,000 and more often

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  1. Sammy Tuga

    He is a real scammer be WARE

  2. Chrisony

    He should make YouTube videos so we can follow

  3. Chrisony

    Link him up with us cos we all want to win some

  4. Chrisony

    Link him up with us cos we all want to win some

  5. Zigy Toonz

    Yhh …and is he on telegram tooo

  6. David Neequaye

    What he said he was investing in is Sewing company

  7. Attiah Ebenezer

    He is a real scammer

  8. Benjamin Owusu-Ansah

    Your snap chat handle please

  9. Opeyemi Olayiwola

    Try to speak in English next time please. Not everyone understands Ghana

  10. Lamar stunts 18

    It’s all interest at this time, but wait. He’s not yet a threat to these betting companies that’s why they’ve not yet banned him. I edge him to stop and start a business with the money he’s earned. Remember the house always wins Irrespective of the the match. Also these companies have relations with these teams Yes I mean it and they can change the game totally. Remember that your stake isn’t anonymous and they now what you’ve actually staked.

  11. Rivchpup Jnr

    Snapchat name?

  12. Freeman Adenyeku

    This guy is a scammer don't fall victims


    Make una speak broken or English na

  14. BRYMMO's_Tech

    Please bro how can I get you?

  15. sandra dankwa

    How do we identify him on snap because people can use his identity

  16. smooth sailing

    Speak English please 🥺

  17. Collins Appiah

    Pls l want his number

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