How to Lose Inner Thigh Fat Quick and Simple (4 Awesome Ways!)

In this video I am going to get between your legs…..

A lot of people have been asking me to get those hard areas between their legs

We are going to do some inner thigh workouts…

Okay lets get serious. Inner thighs are a trouble area for a lot of people, especially in the gym since the machine used doesn’t allow anyone to look anyone in the eyes without looking like a creeper.

You know what machine I’m talking about, the one that gives everyone the awkward moment because you feel like you in a vulnerable position. That machine should face the wall

Well these 4 workouts don’t require that machine. However, you are going to need a few items between your legs, I MEAN FOR YOUR LEGS

Sigh Remember Latosha? Say Hey Latosha! She is going to show you what we need for these exercises.
We going to need a pair of dumbbells
Maybe a Kettle bell
Lets not forget the barbbell
A Bench and a
Depending where you are, a Matt

–Dumbbell Lateral Lunge

-You are going to start with you feet shoulder width apart
-With Two dumbbells at your side at a nuetral position
-You are going to step one foot out double shoulder width apart
-Bending the working leg you are going to keep the knee behind the toe with you back flat or upright
-Driving your heal to the ground you are going to push up into the start position

Here are a couple more angles for you.

Tips: Keep both feet flat on the floor for optimal performance and bring the hips back if your knee is leaning too far forward

If you find you back rounding, go without weights or don’t touch the floor until you get more comfortable with the workout

–Kettle Bell Sumo Squat

The 3 Week Diet

-Feet can be double shoulder width apart so percolate until you reach the desired position
-Feet should be flat on the floor and should face East and West or Left and Right
-With the kettle bell between your legs, Your back is going to be at a neutral position
-Maintaining a Neutral back you are going to slowly lower yourself until your quads are nearly parallel to the ground
-Exhale as you come back to the start position and that is one rep

Tips: Keep feet flat on the floor. Both legs should for a 90 degree angle and don’t lock your legs when you are in the start position

Tootsie Roll your way back up to a comfortable stance

–Sumo Isolation Pulse

-Go ahead and spread eagle bringing your legs Double shoulder width apart
-Lower yourself until your legs are almost parallel to the ground. Hold that pose!
-Feet are going to be at a 45 degree angle
-Slowly you going to raise your heels as high as possible then lower them slowly
-Repeat until desired reps are met

Tips: try to keep your heels from touching the floor for the best results. It is authorized though so don’t feel too bad. Practice makes better than before

Squat and lateral leg lift

-Start with feet hip width apart
-Bring your hands up to counter balance your weight
-lower yourself bringing your hips back and keeping the knees behind the biggest toe
-As you come back to the start position, bring one leg up laterally and parallel to the ground or as high as possible.
-Lower yourself back to the squat position and repeat

Tip: Slow is fast. Take your time with this one, it’s a little complicated but you can do it

Special Thanks to Kath S and Latosha for the assistance in creating this video.

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